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Many of you over the past year have approached us about incorporating the BSV blockchain into your gaming operations.  Following the FTX debacle that pretty much drove the price of BTC down more than half of its previous value, BSV weathered the storm nicely.

Our long time friend Calvin Ayre is a gambling industry pioneer, founder of Ayre Group and CoinGeek, and the BSV blockchain's biggest cheerleader.  He's also a major investor in the space.

This is the year that much of the noise goes away, Ayre predicts.  His focus is on making the digital currency space better, not pumping the price of coins, most of which will have the same worth as that pet rock in your back yard by the time 2023 has concluded. 

"Compared with this time last year, you’ll find far fewer bulls predicting tokens topping $100,000 in 2023. Those few diehards still braying ‘to the moon’ are predominantly bottom-feeding influencers whose credulous audiences don’t handle pessimism all that well."

Ayre considers the BSV Blockchain a mortal threat to most others getting in the way of the digital currency evolution.

"When Dr. Craig Wright was doxxed as Satoshi in 2015, the groups that conspired to hobble Bitcoin entered into a new conspiracy to denigrate Wright in the eyes of the public," he says.  "It simply wouldn’t do for Satoshi to reappear and wreak havoc on those who’d tampered with his vision, like an irate Odysseus returning to Ithaca after 20 years and discovering Penelope’s would-be suitors had turned his home into a Dionysian kegger.

"That effort to diminish Wright’s influence gained a new urgency in 2018 with the debut of Bitcoin SV (BSV), which honored the original Bitcoin protocol through an unbounded capacity to scale the blocks on the blockchain. In short order, BSV began processing millions of transactions in a single block, handling tens of millions of transactions per day—just as Satoshi promised."

In December 2021, a Miami jury determined Wright, an Australian engineer who once worked in the online gambling industry as well, to have been involved in the creation of the original Bitcoin

By the way, you'll notice a trend here.  The online gambling sector has played a leading role in building up the crypto space.  Some 80% of all transactions tied to gaming companies operating in restrictive market places, are now via Bitcoin and some of its lesser utilized cousins (i.e. Litecoin).

The gambling industry, once resistant to Bitcoin, would ultimately embrace the digital currency.  Today's operators are now focused on growing their reliance on blockchain technology.

Ayre now finds BSV in the driver's seat as a large chunk of his detractors lick their wounds following the FTX collapse.  Nobody associated with BSV had any business getting caught up in that circle jerk (literally).  Ayre and his associates at CoinGeek reported on the seedy characters involved with FTX well over a year ago.

The prospects for BSV in 2023 are bright and our dear friend explains why.

"BSV’s demonstrated capacity to enable millions of nanopayments with fees measured in fractions of a cent make BSV the only blockchain capable of taking advantage of the exponential growth in IP addresses that the introduction of the IPv6 standard will bring," Ayre said.

"The fact that BSV is the only blockchain capable of handling all this extra internet traffic is why the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is welcoming Dr. Wright’s input and why the IPv6 Hall of Fame recently inducted Dr. Wright for having made a valuable contribution to the development and deployment of IPv6."

The cat is finally out of the bag so to speak. 

"The financial giants and their Web2 allies don’t want you to know any of this."

Well, those guys aren't exactly starting the year on the right footing.  CoinBase, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced it had reached a $100 million settlement with New York regulators just as this story was going to press.

The U.S. crypto exchange will pay a $50 million fine for letting customers open accounts with few background checks and spend $50 million to improve compliance.

- Chris Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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