2016 Super Bowl Betting Market Fluctuations After Free Agency the Most Fluid Ever

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Carrie Stroup
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2016 Super Bowl Betting Market Fluctuations After Free Agency the Most Fluid Eve

“We don’t remember a day like this where the Super Bowl betting market saw so much change in a short period of time.”

These were the words of Matt James, Head of Public Relations for one of the biggest online bookmakers in the world Sportsbook.ag, in regard to the 2016 Super Bowl betting market fluctuations that followed this week’s free agency moves.  

A brief breakdown of our main market moves: 

Seahawks getting Graham.  Nobody saw that coming, and we immediately moved from +750 to +650 on the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl, which is a pretty decent size move on an NFL future in March!  At +650, we booked enough action to move us further down to +600 and even at that price, our bettors couldn’t get enough on the Seahawks forcing us to further move it down to +550.  So with that on acquisition, the Seahawks moved from +750 all the way down to +550, again a very significant move on the Super Bowl odds in the middle of March. 

Another team that we moved significantly was the Colts.  Their acquisitions of Trent Cole, along with reports of them signing both Frank Gore and Andre Johnson, saw their Super Bowl odds go down from  15-1 to 12-1 to eventually 10-1, all those adjustments happening yesterday in about a 4 hour span. 

Teams that saw their odds raised:

Eagles from 25-1 to 30-1 (Trading for Sam Bradford and inheriting his $11million salary?...although rumors they are looking to use Bradford to trade up the draft to grab Mariota)

49ers from 25-1 to 40-1 as their team, especially their defense, has been decimated with both Justin Smith and Patrick Willis retiring.  They have new Head Coach, no more Frank Gore, and we believe far too many changes for this team to be competitive this upcoming season.   

And the Jets, with their signing of Darrelle Revis (which long term could hurt the organization) moved from 100-1 to 75-1 to win it all next year. 

- Carrie Stroup, Gambling911.com Senior Reporter

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