Dillon Danis Denies He is Pulling Out: Logan Paul Confirms He's Still the Opponent

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Ean Lamb
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Dillon Danis denied last week he is pulling out of the October 14 fight versus Logan Paul even though he tweeted otherwise.


"Logan bragging about lawsuits again he isn't built for this fight game, this pussy doesn't deserve me I'm out," Danis had tweeted earlier in the day.

The lawsuit in question involves Danis and Paul's fiancee, swimsuit model Nina Agdal.  She reportedly hired a cybersecurity firm that discovered Danis allegedly posted Snapchat content hacked in 2022 from an iPad mini and iPhone XS that were traced to VPNs in Phoenix and NYC, respectively.  Agdal and Paul are believed to have sent Danis a cease and desist order to no avail.   Agdal is claiming that Danis posted the hacked sexual explicit photo without her conscent.  She has also been granted a restraining order against him.

Mike Perry would likely fight Paul in Danis' place.  In fact, some sportsbooks already have odds on Perry vs. Paul.

Paul's replacement matchup would be a much more competitive fight, at least according to the oddsmakers.

Dillon Danis +400

Logan Paul -600

Logan Paul +120

Mike Perry -150

“I’m a real fighter,” Perry said during the press conference. “This is what I do. This is how I feed my family. These boys been getting money way other ways. They want some respect in this game so they called me here. Dillon doesn’t show up, I’m ready to fight."

And by Thursday, Perry tweeted a video whereby he proclaimed "It's official guys, I'm in."

That doesn't appear to be the case as Paul insisted Danis is still fighting.

"I'm going to break this predator physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. This isn't about just winning the fight; I'm going to destroy his entire life." Logan said in a threat to Dillon Danis. "But truthfully, idgaf [I don't give a f***] who shows up on October 14 — the man across from me will be knocked out cold."

- Ean Lamb, Gambling911.com

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