Ayre Ventures Looking for Companies Ready to Ride Wave of BSV Blockchain Adoption, Including Gambling

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Aaron Goldstein
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The final day of the London Blockchain Conference 2023 saw a presentation by Paul Rajchgod, Ayre Ventures (AV) Managing Director, Private Equity, on “The Wave of Enterprise Adoption” currently underway on the BSV blockchain.

One of the companies making waves on the BSV Blockchain is CombatIQ.

Tim Malik, CEO and co-founder of Combat IQ, has come a long way since participating in the Block Dojo program just last year.  This is the London incubator for start-ups building on the BSV blockchain.

“The world of sports broadcasting, sports viewership is changing dramatically. As the younger generations get in, they’re changing the way people view sports, how they interact with it, and people are always looking for real time information in convenient ways. Fans want to see data points,” Malik says.

“We send odds to betting companies directly and they would put those odds on their marketplaces for people to bet with.” Until now, betting in play is mostly limited to UFC."

For many of the companies in the sports betting space, UFC and combat sports have translated into big bucks.  CombatIQ seems like a no brainer.

Ayre is also well known and well respected in the gaming space.

Ayre Venture’s goal is to ‘positively disrupt’ the tech space based on BSV blockchain’s ability to reshape the world. Over the years, AV has invested in numerous companies utilizing BSV blockchain to strengthen what Rajchgod joked was their “unfair advantage” over rivals in sectors such as software, Bitcoin infrastructure, fintech, gaming, metaverse, media/publishing, and more.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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