Calvin Ayre on Why Bitcoin is Surging

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This woman knows what she is talking about, so says Calvin Ayre of Coingeek.comSCROLL DOWN

Ayre, a strong proponent of Bitcoin Cash, tweeted in regard to the analysis:

this lady get it...long term, its all about utility not market rate or name calling.

Ayre added:

Marianne is correct...this is all about utility...the market rate is a distraction as it lags the reality of the infrastructure that is being quickly built out. All innovation is on BCH now.


The author, Marianne Jett, describes herself as:

President of Premier Medical Inc since 2006. Cryptocurrency enthusiast since 9/2017 - obsessed ever since. Twitter was useless until I discovered Bitcoin Cash.

Now let's help Ms. Jett get some followers. can report that a number of online gambling websites are considering adding Bitcoin Cash in the coming months with a goal to have the cryptocurrency platform in place prior to the new NFL season.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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