What The Line Should Really Be On The Nebraska vs. MSU Week 4 Game

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Ean Lamb
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Recreational books have taken the line on the Nebraska-Michigan State game from -4 to -5.5 while the sharp books have moved from 3.5 to -5.  BetOnline is offering a generous welcome bonus (max bonus $1000)

Monitor this one closely if the books are bringing the line back down, especially those that cater to wiseguys.  So far, as of Thursday evening, we have not seen any clear indications of this.  Around 80% of the action was on MSU.

More importantly, the Spartans do have a lower team rating than Nebraska.  Michigan State has a rating of 73.65 while Nebraska was coming in at 75.24.  This gives us a line of MSU -1.5. 

And the reason Michigan has the lower team rating?  They haven't necessarily beaten anyone good.  We now know that the Canes are probably a far worse team than Nebraska. 

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