What Should a Pay Per Head Service Offer You?

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C Costigan
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Today, we’re going to discuss what a pay per head (PPH) service should offer you as a client.

There are a lot of features offered by PPH services, but the features vary by company. Just because one service offers a certain feature doesn’t mean another service will have the same feature.

Pay Per Head Software

The main feature of a PPH service is the software. Without the software, nothing would work.

When it comes to the software, a pay per head service should offer an all-in-one package. What I mean by this, is that the software should have a functioning sportsbook, racebook and casino.

Always ask for a demo. A demo will allow you to see exactly how the software functions. Is it going to be easy for your players to figure out or is the user experience going to hurt your brand?

Other Features a PPH Service Should Provide

The software is the main feature, but a leading per head service will provide much more.

1. Website: It’s better to have your own website using a custom domain (URL).

2. Customer Service: Look for PPH services that have a 24/7 call center to provide support.

3. Odds Management: Does the service have in-house oddsmakers to maintain the odds?

4. Mobile Access: Your players should be able to access your website on mobile devices.

5. Layoff Account: You should have the ability to balance any unwanted exposure.

6. Reports: Custom reports will provide you with business data and analytics.

7. Live Gambling: Are live dealer casino games and live sports betting (in-play) available?

8. Betting Menu: Your PPH should be providing betting markets on all major sports worldwide.

9. Full Control: Being able to customize betting/credit limits and other filters is vital.

10. Reliability: You want a name you can rely on and that has a solid reputation in the industry.

A lot of bookies don’t understand quite how much a pay per head can help them. You basically pay a small weekly fee ($10/head typically) to get all of the features above and in some cases more.

However, you need to shop around for the best per head solution. Some of these features are rarely offered by pay per head services. For example, live gambling isn’t always a feature offered.

Live betting is a growing niche, but one where bookies often clean up and make a lot more money on a per head basis than they typically would without in-play betting. Live dealer casino games are also trusted by gamblers and will give a boost to your online casino offering.

The two main things that a pay per head service doesn’t offer are sourcing players or handling the cash. It’s the bookie’s job to find players and to handle all of the transactions.

Since these services handle nearly everything else for bookies, you’ll have plenty of time to market your brand to find new players. A good pay per head service can make the difference between having a successful bookie business, so make sure yours is providing everything you need.

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