What's The Lowest Pay Per Head Price Out There?

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PricePerPlayer.com, the leading Sportsbook Pay Per Head provider in the industry, last year changed its price per player model with services ranging from $3 to $25 per player per week..  The typical model for a bookie Pay Per Head company is to charge a weekly fee for each active gambler, and few offer as low as $3. 

The PricePerPlayer pricing chart is dependent on the number of active players they have each week. The company was quick to point out that their new pricing system will not increase their already low prices. Instead, the new pricing system will only lower the price for their clients. Thus, the highest clients will pay is $5 per player and prices can go as low as $2 per player.

The business model for the company aims to tie their profits directly with their clients. The PricePerPlayer motto adopted in 2021 is “Your Success is Our Success. Therefore, if a sportsbook or gambling operator does well, they want to share the profits with their clients. The better a client does, the lower their operating cost will be when they use the PricePerPlayer.com Pay Per Head Services.

Changing the Sportsbook Pay Per Head Industry for Thousands of Bookies

According to Josh Ingram, the PricePerPlayer.com marketing directory, this is “a game changer” for the entire industry. This is because it allows bookies to drastically increase their profit margin with the new pricing system. On average, the typical sportsbook earns about $300 to $1,000 per year from each gambler. However, with this new pricing system, bookmakers could double their profit margin every year.

In the short-term, the new pricing system will lower the yearly profits for PricePerPlayer.com. However, they have chosen to adopt a long-term approach to their business by forfeiting higher short-term profits. The company is confident that this new approach will pay off within 5 years.

According to their analysis team, the online gambling industry is increasing at a record pace. Since technology is getting cheaper as well, their cost of operation is becoming lower. Add an increasing customer base to the mix and you get a successful business model.

In addition, the company expects to see a rise in smaller gambling companies looking for an affordable sports betting platform. Using this forecast model, they are betting that their long-term profits will rise from a larger volume in clients.

In the meanwhile, they are changing the landscape of the sportsbook pay per head industry with these lower prices. The company hopes the new pricing chart will help start-up companies to enter the sports betting market.

Price Per Player is a world leading sports betting developer that provides Pay Per Head services to over 15 countries. For more information about their new pricing system go here.

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