Updated 2019 2020 NFL Division Odds After Week 1

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C Costigan
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Going into Week 2 of the NFL regular season, the Patriots find themselves as historic favorites.  SportsBetting.ag has released updated Super Bowl odds in addition to all the latest division odds.  With the later, you will find tremendous value as Week 1 is not always indicative of how a team will ultimately perform the remainder of the season.

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New England is a 17-point favorite at Miami next Sunday. This marks the first time in a decade that there has been a road favorite of 14.5 points or more (Colts at Rams, 2009).

During the Patriots' perfect 2007 season, they were favored by 14.5 points or more on the road four times. They went 4-0 straight up and 2-2 against the spread in those games. All four games went over the total.

12/29/07 at NYG (+14.5)
12/3/07 at BAL (+19)
11/18/07 at BUF (+16)
10/21/07 at MIA (+15.5)

Since 1984, there have been 19 road favorites of 14.5 points or more. The favorites are 17-2 in those games.

Super Bowl movements:

Patriots went from 7-1 to 4-1
Bears went from 12-1 to 20-1
Browns went from 16-1 to 25-1
Steelers went from 16-1 to 28-1
Cowboys went from 25-1 to 16-1
Vikings went from 25-1 to 16-1
Jaguars went from 25-1 to 50-1
Falcons went from 28-1 to 40-1
Ravens went from 33-1 to 25-1
Panthers went from 33-1 to 50-1
Jets went from 66-1 to 80-1
Giants went from 80-1 to 100-1
Raiders went from 50-1 to 150-1
Dolphins went from 150-1 to 250-1

Super Bowl odds  
New England Patriots 4-1
Kansas City Chiefs 7-1
New Orleans Saints 9-1
Los Angeles Rams 12-1
Philadelphia Eagles 12-1
Los Angeles Chargers 14-1
Green Bay Packers 16-1
Dallas Cowboys 16-1
Minnesota Vikings 16-1
Chicago Bears 20-1
Cleveland Browns 25-1
Houston Texans 25-1
Seattle Seahawks 25-1
San Francisco 49ers 25-1
Baltimore Ravens 25-1
Pittsburgh Steelers 28-1
Atlanta Falcons 40-1
Tennessee Titans 40-1
Jacksonville Jaguars 50-1
Carolina Panthers 50-1
Indianapolis Colts 66-1
Buffalo Bills 66-1
Denver Broncos 66-1
New York Jets 80-1
Detroit Lions 100-1
New York Giants 100-1
Arizona Cardinals 100-1
Washington Redskins 100-1
Oakland Raiders 150-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 150-1
Cincinnati Bengals 150-1
Miami Dolphins 250-1
AFC odds     NFC odds  
New England Patriots 2-1   New Orleans Saints 5-1
Kansas City Chiefs 3-1   Los Angeles Rams 11-2
Los Angeles Chargers 7-1   Philadelphia Eagles 13-2
Cleveland Browns 12-1   Chicago Bears 10-1
Houston Texans 12-1   Green Bay Packers 8-1
Pittsburgh Steelers 14-1   Dallas Cowboys 8-1
Jacksonville Jaguars 25-1   Minnesota Vikings 8-1
Baltimore Ravens 12-1   Seattle Seahawks 12-1
Indianapolis Colts 33-1   Atlanta Falcons 20-1
Oakland Raiders 80-1   San Francisco 49ers 12-1
Tennessee Titans 20-1   Carolina Panthers 25-1
Buffalo Bills 33-1   New York Giants 50-1
Denver Broncos 33-1   Detroit Lions 50-1
New York Jets 40-1   Tampa Bay Buccaneers 80-1
Cincinnati Bengals 80-1   Arizona Cardinals 50-1
Miami Dolphins 150-1   Washington Redskins 50-1
AFC East AFC North AFC South AFC West
Patriots -800 Steelers +175 Texans +175 Chiefs -200
Bills +800 Ravens +200 Titans +200 Chargers +225
Jets +1000 Browns +200 Jaguars +400 Broncos +1000
Dolphins +10000 Bengals +1400 Colts +400 Raiders +2500
NFC East NFC North NFC South NFC West
Eagles -150 Packers +175 Saints -200 Rams -150
Cowboys +150 Vikings +175 Falcons +400 Seahawks +275
Redskins +1600 Bears +250 Panthers +500 49ers +400
Giants +2000 Lions +1000 Bucs +1400 Cardinals +2500


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