This Season Take Advantage of the Best Football Promotions and Contests

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College football and the NFL have always led the way when it comes to betting on sports. From September right through the annual Super Bowl in early February, RDG Corp. offers a trio of the best online sportsbooks for betting on the games. 

Leading the way is America’s Bookie. This site as been catering to US players for quite some time to earn the reputation as “America’s Most Trusted Bookie.” The No. 1 priority at America’s Bookie is making your online sports betting experience enjoyable, safe and fun. 

Rounding out the Big Three of online sports betting is HRWager.ag and 1Vice.ag. Each of these online books offer positive points of difference in what they have to offer. However, there is a common thread that ties them all together – an amazing promotional lineup of bonus offers, incentives and contests designed to boost your sports betting bankroll. 

Things get dialed up to a whole new level when football season rolls around. Bonus offers with low rollovers on every new deposit into your online betting account is a great starting point. Yet, this is just the beginning of this all-star lineup. 

Each of these online sportsbooks offer a comprehensive customer loyalty program that rewards all of your online play. Valuable points can be earned and saved for free payouts, free bet credits and other various perks. 

You are always betting to win. However, there are times when the ball did not bounce your team’s way. If you end up with a net loss on your monthly betting volume, you are eligible to receive Gambler’s Insurance. This adds up to a 10% rebate of that net loss. It will be credited to your online account at the beginning of the next month to get things started on a positive note. 

All three of these online betting sites offer bonus incentives for valid customer referrals. This is an easy way to extend your betting bankroll. 

Along with a strong lineup of bonus offers and incentives, RDG Corp. has put together an impressive group of contests and betting pools for the upcoming football season. 

  • NFL Last Man Standing Survivor Pool 

One of the most popular contests for the NFL regular season returns with an event bigger payout for the ultimate winner. 

Simply pick one NFL team to win straight-up each week of the regular season. If they win, you continue on to the next week. If they lose, you are out. You can only use one of the league’s 32 teams once during the entire regular season schedule. In case of a tie, the $5000 in total prize money will be evenly split among all active contestants. 

Entry into this year’s NFL Last Man Standing competition is tied to cumulative deposits as follows: 

$100 to $499 = 1 FREE entry 

$500 to $999 = 2 FREE entries 

$1000 to $1999 = 3 FREE entries 

$2000 to $2999 = 4 FREE entries 

$3000 to $4999 = 5 FREE entries 

You can max out your FREE entries at 7 with a combined $5000 or more in account deposits. Accumulated deposits are tallied starting July 1, 2021 through Sept. 5, 2021. 

  • NFL 33 Club 

Each week of the 2021 NFL regular season, you can designate a team for the NFL 33 Club. If that team goes on to score exactly 33 points (win or lose), you will receive $333 in free bet credit. 

One entry is awarded for a weekly deposit of $300 to $499. Deposits between $500 and $999 earn two entries and total deposits of $1000 or more earn three entries into this contest. 

  • Weekly NFL Squares 

All three RDG online sportsbooks will offer the weekly NFL Squares contest for the 2021 season right through the conference championships and Super Bowl LVI. 

Entries are tied to weekly deposits with one winner at halftime of the designated game and one winner based on the final score. 

If you draw the winning square for that week’s game, you can win back half of your biggest deposit for the halftime prize. If you have the winning square at the end of the game, you will be credited for the amount of the entire deposit.  

The best thing about this contest is that prize money is free bet credit with no additional rollover requirements. 

This is a quick look at the biggest football promotions this season at America’s Bookie, HRWager.ag and 1Vice.ag. However, there are any number of ways to become a big winner at any of these three top-rated online betting sites.

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