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If you are thinking of starting your own online Sportsbook, Racebook or online casino then you’re probably looked at a lot of different options for software. The chances are that you are already aware that Pay Per Head is by far the most financially viable method of starting an online bookies.

Especially when you have company such as Premier Per Head who are offering 4 weeks of free service. This means that you can get started with straight away and you have a full month where all of the profits are all yours.

In this article we will cover exactly why using Premiers Pay Per Head service makes sense for you as an online bookie. Then we will be explaining exactly why bitcoin is one of the best payment options you can use as a bookmaker.

A lot of people dream of having that lifestyle where they can live the life they want to while just spending a little time online each day to check over things. Well, with Pay Per Head online bookies this is possible.

When you sign up with premier per head you know that you can essentially leave your business to run whole you concentrate on building it up.

In the old school way of doing things, the bookies would spend all day, every day on the phone taking bets. As well as that they would be battling to work out the latest odds.

In this day and age, when you sign up for premier per head you know that your business is in safe hands. Not only do you get state of the art bookie management software but your customers also have all the functionality of the multinational online bookmakers. But at Premier we fully understand that the customer needs to have someone to speak to when they are unsure about things.

With our First Class Customer Service you know that your customers are going to have a point of contact that they can rely on. Whether they need advice on their online platform, or even if they need to place a bet on the phone, our customer services are there for you and your customers 24/7.

Running an online bookies is something that should be an enjoyable and profitable experience. At Premier we ensure that you get both. We believe that your experience should be truly profitable, I mean why would you be in business otherwise right!

The expert odds makers that work on our Fast Lines ensure that you are always in a profitable position. It is important that you always offer your customers the best rates. With our software you can ensure that you are always going to do that while retaining your profit margin.

With Premier, the stress of running an online bookies is truly taken away. Because you can rest assured that your business is in good hands you can get on with the important part which is promoting and expanding your own online bookies.

One part which you should be taking into account is the way that you take and send payments for your online bookies.

Using Bitcoin is certainly the way ahead when it comes to running your bookies. It makes real sense to promote this method of payment to your customers. Not only does it mean that payments to and from your customers are going to be instantaneous but also you are eleviating and delays in payments. We all know that using credit card payments, or even the dreaded PayPal can mean that you incur large fees, and worse still have your payment held for periods of time.

When  you use Bitcoin there is no bank that is controlling the payments. This means that your money is never going to be delayed, and you can send or receive it effectively anonymously.

The added benefit is that Bitcoin is an amazing opportunity for additional profit. When you understand bitcoin charts you can start to work out how you can make serious profits on top of your bookie profits.

Of course, we are always on hand to help you with anything that you need when it comes to running your bookies in a profitable manner. Get in touch with us at Premier Per head today and we will get you on the road to big time profits.

Please check out Premier Per Head Podcast #15 below, learn valubale bookie advice to take your sports betting business to the next level

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