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Betting on soccer has become an international phenomenon and it continues to grow.

Fortunately, the bookies have soccer to rely on. There are big payoffs when it comes to offering this sport and the untold number of leagues that come along with it. The obvious reason, and reason number one that as a bookie you should be relying on soccer; the availability. Soccer never ends!

This sport has a league somewhere, that is playing somewhere in the world at any given time, and it can be bet on. This can be a big advantage for the player but an even bigger advantage for you, the bookie. What you must do is be prepared to take advantage of soccer’s availability at all times. Remember, you are a bookie for one reason and it’s not because you want to lose! You want to win. Winning is good, and you must find every available angle, including enlisting the help of a bookie software.

A Few Rules to Remember

  • Set a budget… Yes, as a bookie you must remember how much you can afford to lose. Think like a bettor. Know your limits and don’t allow yourself to be in a position to be hit harder than you can afford. There is nothing worse than for a player to win $5,000 when you were budgeting for $2,000.
  • Keep it real, you are a bookie not a gazillionaire! Seriously, there are folks who get into this business with a few thousand dollars in their bankroll-even a few hundred dollars. Set player limits accordingly, especially when it comes to soccer.
  • Remember, in soccer, always offer a three-way line. A three-way line triples down on the house advantage. The players that play soccer religiously, they know their stuff and they will come loaded with knowledge and information. They want to win money and they play soccer because they know their chances of beating you playing this sport are much better than beating you by playing American football.

Know the Leagues

  • Knowing the leagues by country is mandatory, you simply can’t afford to let your guard down.
  • Knowing the leagues by region is also a “must”. Do not be lackadaisical, this will burn you.

A few Countries to Remember

  • Central America
  • South America
  • Regions all across Africa and Asia
  • There are too many to list here. Do yourself a favor and research what countries have soccer leagues that are highly bet on.

Depending on your budget, think of money as a mitigating circumstance, not a litigating circumstance.

  • Think of yourself as a lawyer in a court of law. You are arguing your case for keeping your money. You are fighting against the mitigating circumstances. The mitigating circumstances are the bettors that want to take your bankroll.

Set budgets according to leagues and specific games.

  • Leagues from one country will often play another country. Such as teams from England playing teams from Spain or Germany. Quite often these games are extremely lopsided, and the odds must be adjusted accordingly.
  • Often, Central or South American teams will play European teams, or they will play Mexican teams, or even the US teams. Do your research, find handicappers that can help you. Look to soccer forums that come with a great reputation for having solid betting information. Arm yourself with betting information just as a bettor would do.
  • Know how much you can allow players to bet on each and every line, and each game. Do not let them swindle you! Players will invariably complain and threaten to take their business elsewhere. Let them go elsewhere! Possibly you can’t afford their action. Do not be too proud to know your limits, and know when to say no.

As a bookie, you must offer soccer and you must offer three-way lines.  This is simply mandatory, or you are dead in the water. Obviously, you are going to be beaten from time to time, remember you are gambling with your players, this is the very nature of the bookie business. Be a smart gambler—be a smart bookie. You do not need to offer every single game, all over the world, every single day. Offer the leagues and games that make sense for you as the bookie. This is your business, this is bread on your table, protect it.

Remember, don’t be the bookie that offers nothing or extreme lines. This is a big turnoff and you will absolutely lose business. There is business that you can afford to lose and business you can’t afford to lose. Learn the difference and set your soccer limits to match the needs of players but most importantly your needs.

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