No Change in Seahawks-Falcon Line Despite Loss of Coordinator

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Don Shapiro
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The Seahawks-Falcons Line was holding steady at Seahawks -2.5 over the past 48 hours despite Seattle losing their special teams cooridinator. 

Brady Henderson ESPN of ESPN.com:

"Seahawks special teams coordinator Brian Schneider has left the team indefinitely for personal reasons, a significant development with Seattle's coaching staff just before Sunday's season opener. Pete Carroll made the announcement Friday without elaborating on why Schneider is stepping away. Larry Izzo, the longtime Patriot, will take over in the interim. Izzo has been Seattle's assistant special teams coach the past two seasons. He spent the previous two as Houston's special teams coordinator."

The Falcons are favored to win 8 or more regular season games while Seattle is priced at -115 on both the Over and Under 9.5.

These teams are certainly well acquainted with each other. 

Atlanta coach Dan Quinn used to be the defensive coordinator in Seattle, so he's got a good feel for his former employer. Likewise for the Seahawks, who are quite familiar with Quinn's tendencies.

If that wasn't enough, this will be the fifth meeting in five seasons between the teams.

"We've seen these guys before," Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said. "We pretty much know their staff, and they know us too. It's not like there's a brand-new coach and it's the first game and we haven't seen anything."

They have split wins and losses over their last four meetings.

As a result of the pandemic, the Falcons have opted to exclude fans for their first two home games.

"It's definitely going to be different," Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan said. "But I think the intensity level will be there. When you look at other sports -- what's gone on in basketball, what's gone on in hockey, what's gone on in baseball -- the quality of play has been really good. The intensity has been there."


Seahawks @ Falcons Sun, Sep 13, 2020 EST

Rot Russell Wilson (SEA) Total Completions Moneyline
501 Over  22½  Completions -115
502 Under  22½  Completions -115
Must Start
Rot Russell Wilson (SEA) Total Passing Yards Moneyline
503 Over  280½  Passing Yards -115
504 Under  280½  Passing Yards -115
Must Start
Rot Chris Carson (SEA) Total Rushing Yards Moneyline
507 Over  76½  Rushing Yards -115
508 Under  76½  Rushing Yards -115
Must Play
Rot Matt Ryan (ATL) Total Completions Moneyline
601 Over  26½  Completions -115
602 Under  26½  Completions -115
Must Start
Rot Matt Ryan (ATL) Total Passing Yards Moneyline
603 Over  318½  Passing Yards -115
604 Under  318½  Passing Yards -115
Must Start
Rot Todd Gurley (ATL) Total Rushing Yards Moneyline
607 Over  62½  Rushing Yards -115
608 Under  62½  Rushing Yards -115
Must Play
Rot First Scoring Play Moneyline
1007 Seahawks TD     +170
1008 Seahawks FG     +375
1009 Seahawks Any Other Score     +4500
1010 Falcons TD     +200
1011 Falcons FG     +275
1012 Falcons Any Other Score     +4500
Rot Will there be a Defensive or Special Teams TD Moneyline
1013 Yes     +210
1014 No     -260
Rot Total TDs in the Game Moneyline
1015 Over  5½  TDs -115
1016 Under  5½  TDs -115
Rot Total FGs Scored in the Game Moneyline
1017 Over  3½  FGs +105
1018 Under  3½  FGs -135
Rot Longest TD in the Game Moneyline
1019 Over  42½  Yards -115
1020 Under  42½  Yards -115
Rot Shortest TD in the Game Moneyline
1021 Over  1½  Yards -110
1022 Under  1½  Yards -120
Rot Longest FG Scored in the Game Moneyline
1023 Over  45½  Yards -115
1024 Under  45½  Yards -115
If there is no FG attempted and or made, the Under will count as a winner.
Rot A Team to Score 3 Unanswered Times Moneyline
1025 Yes     -230
1026 No     +190
Rot Team To Score Longest TD Moneyline
1027 Seahawks     -130
1028 Falcons     Ev
Rot Team To Score Longest FG Moneyline
1029 Seahawks     Ev
1030 Falcons     -130
Rot Team Scoring 1st Wins Game Moneyline
1031 Yes     -170
1032 No     +140
Rot Team to Call 1st Timeout Moneyline
1033 Seahawks     -115
1034 Falcons     -115
Rot Double Result Moneyline
1035 Seahawks/Seahawks     +135
1036 Seahawks/Tie     +3500
1037 Seahawks/Falcons     +600
1038 Tie/Seahawks     +1500
1039 Tie/Tie     +4000
1040 Tie/Falcons     +1500
1041 Falcons/Seahawks     +600
1042 Falcons/Tie     +3500
1043 Falcons/Falcons     +180
1st Half Result / End of Regulation Result. Overtime not included.
Rot Race To 10 Points Moneyline
1044 Seahawks     -135
1045 Falcons     -120
1046 Neither     +8000
Rot Will the Game go to Overtime Moneyline
1047 Yes     +900
1048 No     -2500
Rot Highest Scoring Half Moneyline
1049 1st Half     -130
1050 2nd Half     -110
1051 Tie     +1900
Rot Highest Scoring Quarter Moneyline
1052 1st Quarter     +500
1053 2nd Quarter     +165
1054 3rd Quarter     +425
1055 4th Quarter     +200
1056 Tie     +800
Rot 1st Half Total TDs Scored Moneyline
1082 Over  2½  TDs -130
1083 Under  2½  TDs Ev
Rot 1st Half Total FGs Scored Moneyline
1084 Over  1½  FGs Ev
1085 Under  1½  FGs -130
Rot Score in Last 2 min of the 1st Half Moneyline
1086 Yes     -350
1087 No     +250

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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