Blockchain and Metaverse Expert Agency CoinPoint Sign a Strategic Partnership

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Aaron Goldstein
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SBC and CoinPoint Group have agreed on a deal that sees the digital marketing agency become a strategic partner of the leading global sports betting and igaming event. The partnership comes ahead of  SBC Summit Barcelona 2022, taking place at Fira Barcelona de Montjuïc between 20-22 September.

SBC, in turn, will provide CoinPoint with a platform to meet thousands of professionals working in betting and iGaming by hosting 'The Catalonian Metaverse & Web 3.0 Gaming Event,' organised by the agency during the conference and trade show next month.

CoinPoint is a premium agency that has gained prominence on the global blockchain and crypto map since its launch in 2013.

Oron Barber, Founder of CointPoint, said: "I am thrilled to be partnering up with SBC to help connect those interested in emerging tech, blockchain and metaverse with the sports betting and iGaming crowd."

Dennis Algreen, Marketing Director at SBC, said: "This partnership will help SBC raise awareness on the newly-added 'Emerging tech, blockchain and Metaverse zone' as CoinPoint has a vast network interested in consuming web 3.0, NFTs, blockchain, crypto, and metaverse content."

EU’s New AML Watchdog Spells Trouble for ‘Crypto’ Crooks

Digital currency businesses will soon face much stricter oversight in the European Union via the formation of a new cross-border regulatory body to tackle digital currency-based money laundering.

Steven Stradbrooke of CoinGeek.com writes:

"The new Anti-Money Laundering Authority (AMLA) aims to improve detection of suspicious transactions and close regulatory loopholes that allow criminals to launder their ill-gotten gains, including through the use of digital assets. Key to these aims will be enhancing cooperation among financial intelligence units (FIUs) to ensure private sector operators “correctly and consistently” apply EU rules."

The European Parliament is currently on its summer break but the plan is for its members to approve their own AML approach shortly after their return.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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