How Pro Handicappers Are Making A Killing Becoming Bookies

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Professional handicappers who wish to make a change increasingly decide to start privately run online sportsbooks.

Former professional handicappers that do this realize that they can make more money and save more money running their own businesses.

Those pro handicappers who become online bookies use pay per head software to mitigate risk and increase and protect profit.

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Steps to Change from Professional Handicapper to Sportsbook Operator

Check out how pro bettors are making a killing as bookies.

1. Partner with a great per head company

Grabbing the carrot’s not the smartest move.Many pay per head companies dangle the close to free pay per head services carrot to entice bookies to sign with them.

Companies like PayPerHead who cost more can be a much smarter way for bookies to go.

the better they can manage their businesses.PayPerHead offers software tools that are unparalleled in the industry. What online bookies starting out soon learn is that the more robust and useful tools,

2. Make sure the PPH company has a great agent payment system

Cash flow is the most important aspect of any business. It doesn’t matter the size of the business nor the business’s industry.

Every business, from Amazon to a small online sportsbook, must consider cash flow.

An agent payment system can make all the difference because it speeds up player payouts and bookmaker collections. The better the agent payment system, the better agents can plan for the future.

3. Make sure you can offer racebook betting and casino betting

Although most pay per head agents make their money off sports wagers, it makes no sense to go with a per head company that doesn’t offer both racebook and casino betting.

Racebook betting can make consistent money because making winning racebook wagers is ultra-difficult.

Casino betting can make for a consistent profit since casino players can wager anytime, anywhere. With casino betting, bookies will find they mustn’t promotion while action becomes consistent.

4. Everything must be mobile

you could lose out on big profits.Nowadays, everyone uses their mobile phones. If you run your online sportsbook without making it easy for you to do business through your mobile phone or for your players to make wagers via their mobile phones,

Ease of use should be the key-word. All agents must insist that their players can make wagers as easily as possible.

Speak to a rep today about getting the best pay per head tools in the business. All 4 steps above can be completed with PayPerHead’s Prime Package. Achieved endless success with your sports-betting know how and their premium tools.

Upgrade Your Status From A Pro-Handicapper To A Pro-Bookie—Get PayPerHead.com

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