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PricePerPlayer.com is an excellent choice for a Pay Per Head software, famous for its $5 per head (per player offer).  What a lot of folks might not know is PricePerPlayer.com regularly covers industry news.  Scroll down for the latest headlines and stories. 

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Major Obstacle Out of the Way for Sports Betting in MI?

(December 5, 2019) - News that the Michigan Tribe Now Supports the Sports Betting Legislation is a big deal for several reasons.  This is because historically speaking, they have been in opposition to legal sports betting within the state.  Since they are a powerful organization in the Michigan gambling industry, they have the power to thwart the bill passing.  READ MORE HERE

Number of Sportsbooks in Iowa Grows

NJ Continues to See Increase in Sports Betting Handle

(November 15, 2019) - The numbers are in, and again, New Jersey does not disappoint. Sports betting in the Garden State has skyrocketed since its launch last year. It has also become the poster boy of sorts in proving how profitable the sports betting industry can be.

New Jersey sportsbooks recorded a total of 9.5% growth from last month.

Study of Sports Betting in NY to be Delayed Until 2020

Ohio and PGA Disagree on Sports Betting

(October 11, 2019) -

Golovkin vs Derevyanchenko Fight Results

The Golovkin vs Derevyanchenko middleweight championship fight was a hard-fought one. In the end, Gennadiy Golovkin was the winner via a unanimous decision. As a result, he got the vacant IBF middleweight belt.

Golovkin told sports news outlets that Sergiy Derevyanchenko was a tough guy. It was a great experience for him. Also, he said that he understands he needs to train more because it was a tough fight. Although it was a hard-fought victory, it was still a victory.

After the Golovkin vs Derevyanchenko fight, the former is looking forward to another match with Canelo Alvarez. Although the two don’t like each other, fight fans are expecting it to happen soon. It will involve a large sum of money that will make the fight a win-win situation for both boxers.  Read More Here

NBA New Partner is a Bookie Firm

(October 3, 2019) -

Mobile Sports Betting About to Launch in Indiana

(September 30, 2019) -

Sports Betting Mistakes to Avoid for Maximum Profit

(September 30, 2019) - Leanne Brooks has written a really good article on the 5 common mistakes to avoid when betting sports.

They are:

1. Not understanding how a sport works
2. Betting too much on crowd favorites - Yeah, we know, this one is not going so well the first few weeks of 2019 in the NFL and College Football.
3. Consulting only one bookie
4. Betting with your heart
5. Letting frustration take over

We here at Gambling911.com can vouch for the fact that big public favorites typically make money for the House.  But, once again, that hasn't exactly been the case these first few weeks of football.  We highly anticipate the books will make adjustments moving forward, even if this doesn't happen until Week 5.

Take it from a Pay Per Head that knows, bookies aren’t called bookies for nothing. When you earn the name, “bookie” or “bookmaker,” that means you have expertise and knowledge that ordinary sports fans don’t.

As with any other things in life, putting all your eggs in one basket will result in a disastrous outcome.

According to sports betting software providers, you should not take advice from only one bookmaker. Instead, diversify your consultations by asking the top bookies in a particular game or industry.

Check out the full article here

New Zealand is Favorite For Rugby World Cup Title

Are the Rhode Island Sports Betting Apps Really Legal?

(September 19, 2019) - Rhode Island's foray into regulated sports betting has been nothing short of disastrous, everything from a $40 million budgeting error to a subpar wagering app and now a lawsuit.

Providence GOP mayoral candidate Daniel Harrop has filed the suit, claiming that the constitution of Rhode Island says that the residents have the right to vote on any gambling expansion.

Read more below.

Sports Betting Coming to Michigan Soon?

(September 18, 2019) - There were recently three legislative measures tied to sports betting that were passed by The House Committee on Regulatory Reform of Michigan.

House Bill 4916 proposes in-person and online sports betting. This bill will allow sportsbooks at the three commercial casinos in the state, plus tribal casinos.

The other two bills act primarily as supplements to HB 4916, including enforcement options.

But there is one major obstacle standing in the way of passage.  The current governor, Gretchen Whitmer, is not in favor of online betting.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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Gambling and Sports Betting News December 11, 2019: Michigan Sports Betting Bill Onto House and Governor's Desk

Here are today's headlines in the world of gambling and sports betting as they happen - Wednesday December 11, 2019.

What You Need to Know About Michigan Sports Betting as a Gambler

What You Need to Know About Michigan Sports Betting as a Gambler

The state of Michigan is set to legalize sports betting as bills are currently sailing through the legislature and is expected to be signed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer now that a compromise appears to have been reached regarding taxation (8.4%).

Michigan Expected to Legalize Sports Betting Shortly

Michigan Expected to Legalize Sports Betting Shortly

Legislation authorizing online poker and sports betting as well as fantasy sports is expected to pass the Michigan state legislature by Wednesday, according to state Sen. Curtis Hertel Jr.  Mobile betting will be permitted as part of the measure.

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The Gambling911.com Crime Blog: Player Pleads Guilty in Scam

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