PricePerPlayer.com Expands its Operations with a New Office in the Philippines

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San Jose, Costa Rica – Sports Betting Software Development company PricePerPlayer.com is expanding its operations by opening a new office in the Philippines. The new offices will be a satellite office in Bonifacio Global City and will be known as Price Per Player Asia.

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Ever since the PricePerPlayer.com acquisition of Bwager.com, the company has seen a high influx of clients in the Asian Gambling Market. According to their 2019 annual report, their Asian customer base has increased by 35% over the previous year. Thus, the decision to expand their holdings in the Philippines was the next logical step for the company’s growth.

The new office in BGC will allow the company to keep up with the growing demand for their sportsbook pay per head services in Asia. At the moment, they are currently in the process of hiring additional support staff for their expansion.

Expanding into the Asian Gambling Sector

The new office will serve as their headquarter for the Asian Gambling Market.  According to Josh Ingram, director of marketing for PricePerPlayer.com, the new office can accommodate up to 50 employees.  The new 12,500 Square feet office also has 2 meeting rooms, 4 offices and ample space for a call center.

The Price Per Player Asia office will currently focus on the development of its current sports betting software.  However, it will also have a multi-lingual customer service and support call center for the Asian market.

The new office will provide at least 20 new jobs in the Philippines in the next 2-3 years.  The goal is to hire 5 new programmers and 15 customer service clerks to support their Asian Gambling division.

Mr. Ingram is happy with the new office and said that it “momentous occasion for PricePerPlayer.com”.  This is because “it shows our dedication to the Asian market and we expect to grow larger in the future.”

Price Per Player is a world leading sports betting developer that provides Pay Per Head services to over 15 countries. For more information about the PricePerPlayer.com, visit their website at https://priceperplayer.com

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