PricePerPlayer.com adds a Prop Bet Builder to their Betting Software

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San Jose, Costa Rica – PricePerPlayer.com, a leading sports betting platform and Pay Per Head provider is adding more features to their betting platform. Their latest expansion in interactive wagering software is a Prop Bet Builder that their clients can give to their players. In short, customers that use the PricePerPlayer.com betting platform can now create their own proposition bet.

The company said that the Player Prop Bet Builder gives players more control over their wagers and potential outcome. Thus, this new feature gives players the ability to create hundreds of different bets per sporting events. Therefore, bettors now have more betting options per game making each event more exciting and potentially more profitable.

According to Josh Ingram, the Marketing Director of PricePerPlayer.com, using the Prop Builder is very simple and straightforward.  The bettor just needs to click on “Prop Builder” and start creating their proposition bet. They can choose from several options ranging from venues to players, statistics and more.

Giving Clients more Betting Options to their Players without Additional Cost

The PricePerPlayer.com management team is always looking for ways to give their clients more value for their money. However, the task can be quite difficult since it takes time, money and resources to expand any sports wagering platform. Thanks to their new office in the Philippines, PricePerPlayer.com was able to dedicate enough resource into expanding their betting platform.

Mr. Ingram said that “We are always looking for ways to give more betting options to our clients. And after reviewing several ideas, the Prop Builder was the perfect choice”.

The Prop Bet Builder generates accurate odds for each custom-made bet using a proprietary algorithm.  Therefore, the odds for each prop bet is accurate because the software analyzes the custom-made parameter of each bet.

For existing and new clients of PricePerPlayer.com, the Prop Builder comes at no additional cost.  Nor does it entail any additional work or installation. This is because the Prop Bet Builder is fully integrated in their gambling platform as part of their standard services.

Price Per Player is a world leading sports betting developer that provides Pay Per Head services to over 15 countries. For more information about PricePerPlayer.com, visit their website at https://priceperplayer.com

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