Post NFL Draft 2019 Odds to Win Super Bowl LIV

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The 2019 NFL Draft is over and now it's time to look at the future and all the latest post-Draft odds to win the 2020 Super Bowl.


Arizona chose Kyler Murray as the overall number one draft pick at 80-1, the fourth shortest odds.

ESPN described Murray as an aggressive playmaker with a strong arm, quick release and elite quickness, yet he is also a sound decision-maker who stays poised under pressure and isn't easily rattled by mistakes. He throws the ball accurately from a variety of arm angles and excels at making off-balance throws.

They note that Kliff Kingsbury was hired to fix the NFL's worst offense, and he has a reputation for developing young quarterbacks, most notably Patrick Mahomes at Texas Tech.

Arizona, however, is in a tough position whereby they will be under great pressure to stick with last year's first round pick, Jack Rosen.  The more dynamic the quarterback, the more dynamic the offense, ESPN notes, and Murray is believed to be the more dynamic when compared to Rosen.

San Francisco tied for 22nd in the NFL with 37 sacks last season, and the defense allowed 35 passing touchdowns compared to two interceptions -- the worst ratio in a season in NFL history.  They come in with 25-1 odds of winning the 2020 Super Bowl, middle of the pack. calls Nick Bosa the "top prospect on our board with the second pick".

Does Quinnen Williams as the number three Draft pick help the Jets.


Pre-Draft Analysis

Williams is a well-built defensive tackle with the first-step quickness and strength to advance as a pass-rusher while engaged with an offensive lineman. He rarely loses one-on-one and shows the ability to anchor against double-teams in the running game. He played his best against the best competition in Alabama's biggest games.
Post-Draft Analysis

Taking the best available player and pairing him with a respected defensive coordinator like Gregg Williams is a good way to address a defense in need of an overhaul. Gregg Williams is reportedly staying with the 3-4 base defense, so Quinnen Williams likely will take over as the starter at nose tackle. If that's the case, he will bolster the run defense, and he should be able to win one-on-one matchups on downs with pass-heavy tendencies. Steve Muench

The Jets are sitting at 50-1 odds to win the Super Bowl.

Here are all your post-2019 NFL Draft odds.

Odds to Win Super Bowl LIV  PLACE BETS HERE

New England Patriots+800

Los Angeles Rams+900

Kansas City Chiefs+1000

New Orleans Saints+1000

Cleveland Browns+1400

Los Angeles Chargers+1400

Philadelphia Eagles+1400

Chicago Bears+1600

Indianapolis Colts+1600

Dallas Cowboys+2500

Green Bay Packers+2500

Houston Texans+2500

Minnesota Vikings+2500

Pittsburgh Steelers+2500

San Francisco 49ers+2500

Atlanta Falcons+3300

Baltimore Ravens+3300

Jacksonville Jaguars+3300

Seattle Seahawks+3300


Carolina Panthers+5000

Denver Broncos+5000

New York Giants+5000

New York Jets+5000

Tennessee Titans+5000

Buffalo Bills+6600

Detroit Lions+6600

Tampa Bay Buccaneers+6600

Arizona Cardinals+8000

Cincinnati Bengals+10000

Washington Redskins+10000

Miami Dolphins+12500

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