Pat Benatar Vows Not to Perform Signature Song "Hit Me With Your Best Shot": Bet the Next Act to Follow

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Jordan Bach
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The great Pat Benatar has vowed not to perform one of her highest charting songs, "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", in light of the gun violence that has gripped America.

"I'm not going to sing it," she said as part of an interview with USA Today.

While the song's meaning is about strength and resiliency, Benatar said "you have to draw the line" and be aware of lyrics.

"I can't say those words out loud with a smile on my face, I just can't," Benatar said, adding that the decision is her "small contribution to protesting."

With this in mind, we here at Gambling911.com were left wondering who act might follow.  Some of the best of them have penned songs about shootings.

Rage Against the Machine as a song entitled "Bullet in the Head".

"Instead of getting dated over 30 years, this song gets more and more validated every year!," one fan commented on YouTube.

"Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy)" became Rodney Atkins fourth consecutive number one hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. 

It includes a verse "I'll see you when you get back / Bet I'll be up all night still cleanin' this gun."  That apparently is what a dad of some girl he was dating in high school told him once, implying he better be careful with the man's daughter.


There is plenty of gun culture in country, rap and hard rock.

"Machine Gun (F--k The NRA)" by Yungblud probably won't make the cut among the odds.

More mainstream bands and pop singers have better odds of following Benatar's lead for sure.

Carrie Underwood, whose genre is mostly country music, would be given single digits to eliminate "Cupid's Got a Shotgun" from her concert catalog.

While Kate Bush doesn't perform these days, even she has a song "James and the Cold Gun" that might not be fitting for concert venues these days.  Bush, of course, has seen a resurgence and an appearance in the Billboard Top 5 with "Running Up That Hill (a Deal With God) thanks to the Netflix hit "Stranger Days".

If we were to have an odds-on favorite, it would likely be someone along the lines of a Sheryl Crow.

Her song "Shotgun" debuted in 2014 and, like Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", surely had no ill-intentions when it was conceived. 

The inspiration for that song came from her father.

"My dad always said, ‘Drive it like it’s stolen, and park it like it’s rented.’ And I thought, that’s how you have to live life. So I’ve always wanted to write a song with that idea in it," Crow said.

Other female artists like Miranda Lambert have embraced the gun culture throughout their career and are unapologetic for it.

"My dad was a police officer, so early on I was taught gun safety, what guns were for, how to use them and when not to touch them," Lambert tells TIME. "I've just grown up around them, so it's my normal. I'm a girl, I travel a lot by myself, and I like to carry to protect myself," Lambert said.

She has recorded a cover of the Canadian alternative country singer-songwriter Fred Eaglesmith's "Time to Get a Gun", and it likely would not make our odds for elimination.

"I've known that song for a while. And it's not at secret that I like guns, and that I am a redneck girl. That song is so fitting for the times, and it's political—but not really. I don't ever want to use my platform for politics. We all come together through music, so it's best to leave those opinions at home. 'Time to Get a Gun' to me is just a cool, straight ahead song—and it's also fun. He's talking about partying, and maybe he'd be able to afford his gun if he didn't drink as much. I was just insistent on cutting it. It really sounds like me and sounds like my life."

How soon until acts like Machine Gun Kelly and Guns and Roses start coming under pressure to change their names?

You can bet that time might be coming.

- Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com





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