Odds on Facebook's Hacker, Ransom and Stock Price

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Jordan Bach
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Facebook and its other platforms that include the likes of Instagram and WhatsApp have been down all afternoon Monday with no sign of coming back.

Facebook won't say what caused the outage or how long it will last but experts say it will be a mammoth task bringing the networks back online.

They do say the company wasn't hacked.  Call us skeptical and call the oddsmakers skeptical as well.

Online bookmaker SportsBetting.ag has decided to offer odds on this historic and unprecedented situation in the social media world.

People can bet on whether or not Facebook will be operational by midnight tonight (Tuesday October 5 12 am ET). Another prop estimates what Facebook's stock price will be at week's end (it has already dropped nearly $20 today).

Russia is a massive favorite to be identified as the hacker, and the projection for the ransom price is a hefty number.


When will Facebook be back online?

On or before 12 a.m. ET on 10/5/21 (-150)

After 12 a.m. ET on 10/5/21 (+110)


Responsible party for Facebook hack

Russia -500

China +150

Google +1500

U.S. Government +3300


Amount of ransom paid by Facebook to get back online

Over $49.5 million

Under $49.5 million


Facebook stock price at market close on 10/8/21

Over $300.50

Under $300.50

- Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com

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