MLB Start Date and Total Games Played Odds

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The final piece of paper Major League Baseball passed across the table yesterday was torn to pieces by Tony Clark.

What ensued was the cancellation of 91 MLB games by commissioner Rob Manfred.

How long will this standoff last? Well, SportsBetting.ag has created odds to answer that question.

May and June have the lowest odds, which points to the season starting in one of those months.

April has the longest odds while a canceled 2022 season comes in at 5-1, or +500.

Additionally, the sportsbook has a prop on the highest number of games played by any teams, should there be a season. The over/under is set at 120.5, meaning the oddsmakers expect more than 40 games for each team to be nixed.

When will the 2022 regular season start?

May                 +175

June                 +200

July or later     +250

No Season       +500

April                +550


Total games played during 2022 regular season

Over 120.5

Under 120.5


While we're waiting on an agreement, we can always talk how the season is "projected" to play out, at least according to the numbers. Below are the current World Series and division odds.


World Series

Los Angeles Dodgers               +575

New York Mets                       +800

Atlanta Braves                        +950

Houston Astros                       +1100

Chicago White Sox                  +1200

New York Yankees                  +1200

San Diego Padres                    +1200

Toronto Blue Jays                   +1600

Tampa Bay Rays                      +1800

Boston Red Sox                       +2000

Los Angeles Angels                 +2000

Milwaukee Brewers                +2000

Seattle Mariners                     +2000

San Francisco Giants               +2200

St. Louis Cardinals                   +2200

Detroit Tigers                          +3300

Philadelphia Phillies                +4000

Texas Rangers                         +4000

Minnesota Twins                    +6000

Cincinnati Reds                       +6600

Cleveland Guardians               +6600

Miami Marlins                        +6600

Oakland Athletics                    +6600

Chicago Cubs                          +10000

Kansas City Royals                  +12500

Washington Nationals            +12500

Baltimore Orioles                    +20000

Colorado Rockies                    +20000

Arizona Diamondbacks           +25000

Pittsburgh Pirates                   +25000


AL Central

Chicago White Sox                  -200

Detroit Tigers                          +600

Cleveland Guardians               +800

Minnesota Twins                    +800

Kansas City Royals                  +1000


AL East

New York Yankees                  +225

Tampa Bay Rays                      +250

Toronto Blue Jays                   +260

Boston Red Sox                       +325

Baltimore Orioles                    +5000


AL West

Houston Astros                       +100

Los Angeles Angels                 +375

Seattle Mariners                     +375

Oakland Athletics                    +700

Texas Rangers                         +1200


NL Central

Milwaukee Brewers                +150

St. Louis Cardinals                   +225

Cincinnati Reds                       +300

Chicago Cubs                          +650

Pittsburgh Pirates                   +2500


NL East

Atlanta Braves                        +150

New York Mets                       +150

Philadelphia Phillies                +450

Miami Marlins                        +1200

Washington Nationals            +1400


NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers               -175

San Diego Padres                    +325

San Francisco Giants               +375

Colorado Rockies                    +2500

Arizona Diamondbacks           +6600

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