Important Features of a PPH Sportsbook

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C Costigan
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The majority of bookies I talk with don’t fully understand the vast range of features PPH providers offer clients. In this article I’ll aim to introduce the most important features to new bookies.

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Some of the new bookies or prospective bookies I’ve talked with, need the value of a PPH service explained to them. Often they don’t see the value until they grasp the features.

Serious bookmakers that want to grow their business will quickly see how pay-per-head services offer a valuable service. The timely tasks are automated, allowing you to acquire more bettors.

Most Important PPH Bookie Features

  • Betting Selection: Being able to offer your clients a more diverse betting selection is    always beneficial. PPH services offer the ability to bet on sports from around the world.
  • Betting Lines: Setting and then updating lines for multiple sports requires a team. You don’t have time to perform this task daily, which is a main benefit of pay-per-head solutions.
  • Bet on Horses: The best PPH providers will have a racebook featuring 50+ racetracks. Being able to bring on horse handicappers will greatly increase your daily turnover.
  • Casino Games: If your clients want to play casino games, you can offer them. If you don’t offer casino games, your players will seek out an online casino, which you don’t want.
  • Call Center: If your players can’t access the internet for any reason, your clients will be able to call a toll-free number 24/7 to place bets with your sportsbook.
  • Accounting: The accounting of your sportsbook is completely automated. You don’t need to mess with Excel spreadsheets anymore trying to figure out your profits/losses.
  • Customizable Software: The software suite will have no filters set initially. You can customize every filter, including credit limits, betting limits, betting restrictions and much more.
  • Website: If you already have a website, you know how much time it takes to maintain. With a PPH provider, they’ll build, host and update your website as required.

A PPH service will provide you with the tools you need to succeed. The most important part of being a bookie is finding clients and increasing the turnover, which leads to more profits.

You’re competing with other bookies utilizing the latest technology. In a competitive landscape such as the sportsbook industry, you need to ensure you have the best technology.

By utilizing a pay-per-head service, you actually save a ton of money. New bookies often look at the weekly cost of a PPH service and are hesitant to make the investment in their business.

However, you need to consider the alternatives. If you want to become a legitimate online bookies, you need a website and software to run the bookie, both of which aren’t inexpensive.

You’ll also need to purchase an odds feed, which incurs a monthly fee. You’ll also be required to hire reps to provide support and grade bets. Even hiring part-time help isn’t cheap.

With all of the important features available with pay-per-head services, you’ll be able to focus on adding more clients to your player list rather than handle time consuming tasks.

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