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If you haven’t yet tried live dealer roulette, you might find that Immersive Roulette from the gang over at is a great place to start.

Live dealer roulette was designed to bring the experience of the tables at Vegas to your front room or mobile device, and the resulting games have proven to be popular across the world of online casinos.

What is Live Dealer Immersive Roulette

As the name suggests these games take place with a live dealer who appears on a video stream from their studio location. These croupiers have the same skills as those found in the traditional brick and mortar casinos and bring the game to life in a way that virtual computer generate games cannot. The wheel appears with the live dealer just as it would at any table across the world, and the game progresses in the same way. The dealer will ask all players to place their bets and then spin the wheel to start the game. Their precedence brings the game to life, and the camera angles help to create the immersive nature of the game, going from a full screenshot to a close up at the appropriate moment.

How Do You Bet on Roulette

The basic premises for betting on roulette is to learn the two main bet types, the inside bet and the outside bet. Inside bets will see you get a better return on your stake however they are the bets that carry the higher odds and therefore harder to be right with. Outside bets are much easier to win as they tend to be the coin toss or 50/50 style bets where you bet on a condition such as the winning number being black or red, odd or even, or of course low or high. The odds are not strictly 50/50 as you will find the single green zero slot on a European wheel or two green slots, 0 and 00 on an American wheel which skews the odds slightly and puts them just in the favour of the house; however, a series of outside bets will normally see you win something.

Placing Your Bets

To place your bet, you drag your chip or chips onto the betting mat which appears under the live stream. The location of the chip marks your desired bet, and of course, you can make more than one bet in each round. Inside bets are made up of different number combinations, and there are correct spaces on the mat for each. For example, a corner bet, which is placed on four adjoining numbers is placed on the appropriate corner, so your chip covers part of the four chosen numbers. If you are new to betting you can watch what other players do, and while you are watching be sure to take notice of the statistics that are displayed. These give previous winning numbers and show which are the hot and cold numbers so you can start to build your own strategy to ensure your bets are successful

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