How to Resolve a Complaint With DraftKings in Connecticut

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Jagajeet Chiba
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It's only been a few days and already we have a player complaining about his experience with DraftKings in Connecticut.

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A SportsBook Review poster by the handle of Crusherrr with over 3011 posts under his belt does have some pretty good credibility, one would think.

His beloved site recently stopped its decades long policy of offering assistance to players while abandoning offshore sportsbooks in favor of the US state legal websites.

Crusherrr writes:

So SBR handles disputes now for their "Top Rated Books"?

It's only been 4 days "legal" in Connecticut and Draftkings has already screwed me over.

They offered me $5,000 in credits as a VIP member if I wagered $21,000 in their Blackjack if I do it before Friday at 11:59PM (tonight). I'm VIP from my previous play in DFS and also from my betting while I was in NJ and PA which was semi-regularly as I travel there for poker from time to time.

After I opt in and start wagering, they change the promotion to $500 in credits.

Quite the bait and switch tactic. I've reached out to Draftkings with no response so far. I will be contacting the gaming commission board as well to recover the additional $4,500 owed to me if Draftkings doesn't do the right thing.

I have proof of the $5,000 offer on my account. I have screenshots. When I completed the offer I was given $500 in credits. Which is why they owe me an additional $4,500.

But the real shocker came when Crusherr confirmed that DraftKings had froze his account.

"Not even MyBookie has pulled this garbage on me."

WHOA!  Now that's saying a lot.

"This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever dealt with. They are straight up ghosting me."

But who needs SportsBookReview when you have the state Gaming Division, right?


"Called Gaming Director, Gaming Assistant and the Division Phone number. They don't even pick up the phone. Guess they dipped out of the office at 3:30PM on Friday afternoon."

Crusherr later revealed that DraftKings had once again granted him access to his account, but with a stipulation.

So account re-opened, able to wager. However, they just replied back saying they will only be giving me $500, not $5000.

I have screenshots that I've sent to them that show I opted in to receive $5000 for $21000 wagered in Blackjack.

On my account right now, I have offers showing $1000 free for $10000 in Roulette wagered, $3000 in free bets for $30000 wagered among other smaller offers. $10 slots for $5, etc.

Am I supposed to believe these are wrong? If I opt in, are they going to say, it was supposed to be $100 in free play, not $1000?

If you enter a Casino and they have a banner up that says, $1 million given to players that earn points for this month in slots, you'd swipe your card, play the slots, earn points, and expect that you are eligible to win whatever the prizes. Do they get to say "Sorry, that banner wasn't supposed to say $1 million on it" and change the rules after? No. They don't.

Being a big player, these types of rewards are not uncommon. Fanduel is offering me $2500 in free credits on $5000 deposit and $1000 risk free for 24 hours in the casino.

Being that they just launched in CT, I had zero reason to expect any issues, or changes with the promotion. I was eligible for it, it was in my account, I opted in. Then they changed it for one reason or another. That's not my problem, or my fault.

Will report back.

DraftKings is a reputable company and we trust they will do the right thing.

Gambling911.com has reached out to the company and hopes to hear back.  We will continue to monitor this situation closely.

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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