How Do Bookies Pay Their Customers?

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Frank Doyle
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Do bookmakers in the United States pay their customers by meeting them in person and slipping cash into their hands in some dark alley? Today's technology makes it easy for bookies to pay clients utilizing other methods.  It's to a point where they hardly even have to meet face-to-face.

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How is this possible?

PayPerHead.com provides a software and management solution for bookmakers offering everything from 24/7 customer service to reporting to features such as live in-play wagering and a live dealer online casino.

"Our unique agent payment system keeps your players happy with faster payouts. Likewise, you keep cash flowing with easy, quick collections. Online or via mobile, settling is easy with our state-of-the-art technology.

"Just as you can manage your players on the go, your bettors can use the mobile app to access their betting accounts wherever they are. You and your players will benefit from being able to access their betting accounts, check balances, and get payouts or payments processed quickly and efficiently from the comfort of home or on the road."

This is no different a concept than what we are finding with new convenient payment methods such as Zelle, Veno and Square.  In the world of Millennials, writing a bank check is practically becoming extinct (or so it seems for us old fogies). 

And then of course there is Bitcoin, the preferred method for funding online gambling accounts.  In fact, Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies make up nearly 70% of all fund transfers to and from betting sites catering to so-called "restricted" markets.  More than half of all countries, including the US, fall into this category, whether a result of oppresive government oversight, protectionism or a lack of a strong banking structure.

- Frankie Doyle, Gambling911.com

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