Wright v Cøbra: How Satoshi Took Back the Bitcoin White Paper From BTC

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Aaron Goldstein
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As we reported on Gambling911.com this week, Dr Craig Wright, believed to be a founder of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, was awarded a default judgment Monday in his copyright infringement action against ‘Cøbra’


How did he do it?

Jordan Atkins of CoinGeek.com explains:

To make sense of Dr. Wright’s white paper litigation, one has to go back to the day Bitcoin was first released into the world.

The digital asset era was kicked off by the distribution of a now famous document in 2008 titled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. It was released under the name Satoshi Nakamoto and described the principles of Bitcoin: a secured, stable, trustless, peer-to-peer system of electronic cash which could be scalable, low-cost and useable. and would precipitate the release of the first version of the Bitcoin software in January the next year.

Looking at the excitement generated by the system described in the white paper at the time and the prominence of digital assets in 2021, it makes sense that the paper which started it all remains a revered document among the community.

Today, the white paper is hosted on the website of virtually any project which purports to have a connection to Bitcoin, even where those projects are antithetical to the system of electronic cash described by its author.

In essence, this is no different than any trademark infringement suit. 

It is the first of Dr. Wright’s copyright lawsuits to be resolved, but it won’t be the last, Atkins warns.

The application was heard on June 28, when the English High Court awarded default judgment to the plaintiff, effectively resolving the lawsuit in Dr. Wright’s favor. Cøbra failed to appear or provide a defense.  The court ordered that Cøbra no longer be allowed to make the white paper available in the United Kingdom and must publish the following statement on bitcoin.org for at least six months.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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