How Good is Americas Bookie: Players Speak

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C Costigan
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"Underrated", "impressive", "outstanding", these are just some of the things being said about Americas Bookie.

The long-established online sportsbook is part of the RDG Group, which has quietly acquired smaller online gambling sites over the years, including 1Vice and BetaGame.  More recently, the RDG Group welcomed HRWager on board with that website's owner hoping to take full advantage of the changing North American sports betting climate.

Commenting on the SBRForum, blanda writes:

I have been playing at Americasbookie for several years, and they continue to impress me. I won a last man standing contest there, and they paid me right away. Owen is outstanding.

They offer excellent 100% freeplays and their customer service is quite good. I usually deposit via **.

I wish they offered both team to score bets in soccer (you can do this live), but other than that, I think they are an excellent option for guys like me who like to make deposits in the $100-$300 range.

If you are looking for options, they are definitely worth a look.

Rabbi writes:

Very underrated recreational book. Owen is a really good guy.  One of the better run recreational bonus books in my opinion.

Americas Bookie is widely considered a boutique book in that the company tends to have a mom and pop type feel.  One SBRForum member commented that individuals can receive a 150% bonus with just a 12X rollover if they ask. The staff are super friendly and approachable based on our own experience here at when we presented ourselves as a player with no association to the G911 site.

Jnas wrote:

I've been there about 8 years Owen does a great job. I usually get my bitcoin payouts in 3-4 hours. If you prefer the paper method that usually takes 4 days or so.

And of course AmericasBookie is a sportsbook.

- Chris Costigan,

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