How Does a Pay Per Head Work?

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C Costigan
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A Pay Per Head business is one in which you pay X amount of dollars per customer per week to have another company run nearly every aspect of your bookmaking business.

So how does a Pay Per Head work?

For a site like, you will be paying $10 or less per active customer on a weekly basis.  The setup is seamless, typically under an hour.

The benefits are obvious.  You save a significant amount of money, make a significant amount of money, and - drum roll please - your workload is significantly reduced.

Prior to the advent of the Pay Per Head business model, bookmakers would oversee nearly all aspects of their business, and this resulted in very costly overhead.  As a result, each customer was costing the bookmaker four times or more what the Pay Per Head charges. 

These businesses do everything including, but not limited to, providing 24/7 customer service, customizing a unique website, report generation, full oddsmaking service, security, 99.99% uptime, mobile compatibility, even an online casino and race book. 

For you this pretty much translates into doing little more than sitting around and collecting your money (and occasionally making payouts to your customers).  Even this feature can now be handled by the Pay Per Head through Bitcoin technology.

- Chris Costigan, Publisher

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