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Aaron Goldstein
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Some ranking sites have Boston as having the most rabid sports fan base of any other city in the United States, and quite possibly the world.  As someone looking to start their own bookmaking business, establishing an online sportsbook can certainly prove lucrative.  But Boston teams are also known for playing well, so you'll need to make use of the best Pay Per Head software on the planet.

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What is a Pay Per Head

A Pay Per Head allows agents and bookies to better manage their players by outsourcing all aspects.  With the advent of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bookies and agents no longer technically have to get involved with the payment component.  In most cases this was the only aspect of a bookmaker's business the PPH did not handle.

The bookie/agent must pay the Pay Per Head a set fee per week per player.  Typically this would be around $10 per player per week.  Keep in mind that this fee represents a dramatic deduction in what an independent bookmaker would have paid in the past per player for costly overhead.

What You Get With a Pay Per Head

Instant Account Setup
Live In Game Wagering
24/7 Reporting
Massive server and security infastructure
Mobile Interface

Expert linesmakers with customized odds
Get your own customized website
Often free multiple weeks trial
Free Racebook
Casinos, including live dealer, are often included in the package

Why a Boston Bookie Needs a Pay Per Head

The demand for live in-play wagering alone requires a bookmaker to operate with Pay Per Head software.  Imagine a bookie sitting there trying to grade every nationally televised game as it is being played whether a team scores in a particular period of time. 

Even if there was no live in-play betting, nearly all of today's Pay Per Head companies have years of experience creating and moving lines, monitoring players and providing useful reports.  More betting options can be offered through the Pay Per Head including player and game props, futures and sporting events that US bookmakers may not have the proper knowledge of.  The racebook and online casino provide further edges for the house (bookie/agent).

Know Your Gamblers, Know Your Teams

Boston is a professional team city as opposed to having a strong college sports fan base.

All of Boston's teams are considered marquee nationally brands regardless of how well - or poorly - they might be playing at any particular time. 

Heading into the 2019-2020 NFL season, the New England Patriots remain top dog of the sporting world in general.

The Bruins, Red Sox and Celtics are other Boston teams that receive top billing in their respective sport.

The Revolution in Major League Soccer also enjoys a significant fan base in the region.

From the Urban Dictionary:

Also known as the most annoying fanbase in the country. While all sports fans can be considered annoying by fans of other teams, Boston sports fans take annoying to a new level.

Boston spent many years playing second fiddle to New York when it came to sports. So when their teams actually started winning, they had no idea how to behave like any other fan.

Thus, they will tell anyone who prefers a different team how awesome (insert name of Boston team here) is and how (insert name of another fan's team here) sucks. Never mind that the Patriots cheated and then choked in the Super Bowl, they're still the best team of all time (according to Boston sports fans).

Your Teams Recent Success

For some sports, the record Against The Spread is an indicator of a team's success in the world of wagering.

Patriots - 9-7 ATS in 2019 and winners of the Super Bowl.  Without the support of a top Pay Per Head, bookies would have had a tough time turning a profit.  Pay Per Heads could offer a wide range of Super Bowl prop bets helping to reduce the losses suffered with the Patriots Super Bowl victory.

Celtics - 39-42 ATS

Bruins - 82-49 SU

Red Sox - 47-41 ahead of All Star Break

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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