Handicapping March Madness 2022

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Handicapping March Madness 2022 doesn’t have to be difficult. 

Key Points 

  • Handicapping March Madness 2022 takes some time and effort. 

  • Betters can use a couple of easy strategies to ensure a successful March Madness 2022. 

March Madness kicks off soon and bettors will wager a record amount on the 2022 NCAA tournament. How can they make the most of this year’s tourney? 

There are numbers of betting tips you can utilize to get the most out of this year‘s March Madness. 

Handicapping March Madness 2022 - Short Favorites  

In  withgame with short favorites, say -1, -2, or -3, consider betting on the moneyline instead of on the point spread. 

Too often, these games end up being decided in the final seconds. A two-point favorite may win by one, for example. A three-point favorite might win by only two. 

Games with point spreads  like these are expected to be close. Instead of losing a point spread bet, bet on the moneyline and take the win. 

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Defense Wins NCAAB Games 

There are a number of outstanding defensive teams in the 2022 version of March Madness. Teams like Texas, Texas Tech, and Virginia Tech all have reputations for being very sound defensively.  

Strong defense can be a factor that levels the playing field between two teams. Look for teams with strong defenses that are underdogs. More often than not, good defensive teams are also teams that slow down the pace of games. Double-digit underdogs stand a better chance of covering a spread in this type of situation.

You may find some surprising point spreads that you can take advantage of in March Madness 2022. 

Picking Upsets - Handicapping March Madness 2022 

Everyone loves to pick upsets in the first round of the NCAA tournament. But, don’t go crazy in trying to pick a number of upsets in Round 1. 

An upset is typically when a team seeded at least two seeds below it’s opponent wins. There are a number of upsets that occur more often than not in the NCAA tournament. 

For example, only one 16th seed has ever won an NCAA tournament game. Only nine number two seats have ever been eliminated in the first round of March Madness. 

The most common upset in the first round of the NCAA tournament comes in the game that pits the No. 7seed against the No. 10 seed. College basketball handicappers watch these games VERY closely. 

Conference vs. Non-Conference Schedules 

Usually, a number 10 seed is one of two teams. It can be a team from a power conference that played a very difficult schedule and ended up with a bunch of losses. It’s still a good basketball team but just had a tough time and it’s conference. 

Other times, a No. 10 seed is a mid-major conference champion like Vermont or South Dakota State. In years past, a team like VCU or Loyola entered the tournament as an 11th seed and advanced all the way to the Final Four. These are very good basketball teams that just happened to not have strong conference and/or non-conference schedules. 

It’s up to the bettor to determine which upsets to choose. It’s also a matter of determining whether to bet on the money line or on the point spread. 

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