Finding the Right Bookie for the Perfect Betting Experience

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Who doesn’t love to bet on sports, and better yet, who doesn’t love to bet on sports this time of the year? Of course, we all love football and we are waiting for August to come calling. The season kicks off with the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio and then the preseason, then it’s off to the races. Football is where some of us hang our gambling hats, but that’s a big mistake.

The NFL may be fun to watch and certainly fun to bet on, but is it a big moneymaker? Is it a huge moneymaker? Much too often, the answer is no, and unfortunately the answer can very well be the opposite. As a sports gambler, you want to make the most money now.  So that you can pad that bankroll and then not have to worry when football season does come calling.  

How Can Sports Gamblers find Peace of Mind?

  • An easy question deserves an easy answer; if you want real peace of mind, then find the right sportsbook with great lines and odds and start betting baseball, along with the NBA, and NHL Playoffs.

How to Find the Perfect Online Bookie…

  • There is such a thing as top-notch customer service and fortunately there are great review sites online to help you wade through the hundreds of online bookmakers that offer their services.

What Makes or Breaks a Great Bookie?

  • Let’s start with the negative and end on a high note!
  • Never forget who you are. You are the paying client and it matters not if you are beating the bookie or losing your shirt. If the bookie is not all things, to all people, all of the time; ditch them.
  • There are bookies that simply do not want to pay you. You beat them and then they are poor sports. Avoid these people like the plague! You gamble your hard-earned money for one reason, you want to win.
  • There are bookies that you can’t get a hold of, you can’t call them, and they never answer an email; ditch them.
  • There are bookies that only offer inflated lines and the difference between the juice and your profits will kill you; ditch them. Find a bookie that caters to baseball and one that offers a dime line.
  • There are bookies that offer weak bonuses and/or no bonuses, every once in a while, you may want to take a bonus. As a sports gambler, there is value in a great bonus. Find a bookie that offers a great one and you will win big.
  • Find a bookie that not only offers a great bonus but find one that will work with you on rollovers. Don’t settle for the highest rollover amounts in the industry. Find a bookie that will customize the rollovers to your needs.
  • Many bookies present a hassle when it comes to depositing. You are trying to give them money, it should be easy! Find a bookie that makes the deposit process simple, quick, and easy.

We have talked about some of the things that break a bookie and the ease of use and your overall experience. Let’s talk about a few key elements to online sports gambling that make the process fun, exciting and a joy.

  • Find a bookie that loves to pay you and one that will not slow pay you or even worse lie to you. There is nothing that makes you want to come back more than a bookie who pays you promptly.
  • Find a bookie that offers the best baseball lines in the online business, find a dime line; your ROI will thank you!
  • Find a bookie that requires minimal paperwork on signup and one that will have you withdraw ready, the first day.
  • Find a great players bonus and a bookie that will offer great free contests’ where you can actually win real cash money.
  • Find a bookie that you can call on the phone from the United States and one that has a toll-free number from within the US. Make sure they speak great English and that their agents are friendly and willing to go the extra mile in explanation regarding betting lines, policy, and payout procedures.

You can have a great sports gaming experience. What it takes is a little homework on your part and a little research. Find a bookie who uses a reliable Online Betting Software. Read the online sports gambling forums, read the online reviews. Find reviews of the reviews! This is important. Often there are disgruntled bookie sites that will post false information and or/misleading information. Learn who to trust and who not to trust. Follow these simple rules and this simple guideline, and it’s a guarantee that your online gaming experience will be much better than you ever imagined.

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