Christian Solomine: Disrupting Cashless Gaming with BitBoss Stablecoin

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C Costigan
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Christian Solomine, a seven-year payments and gaming industry vet, recently joined the BitBoss team to help the company increase awareness of what it has to offer.

On this episode of #HashingItOut, Solomine explained how millennials and “Gen Z” are looking for a “Venmo-like” experience and operators who wish to target this age bracket can benefit greatly from BitBoss’s non-custodial solution. He used the example of a player on the casino floor without funds and the ability for a friend to instantly route $100 to them through a smartphone, assuming both individuals have been KYC’d, of course.

“You try to do that today with a custodial based solution, you run into so many different hurdles and so many different pieces that are going to hold that back. But non-custodial changes the game for omnichannel and for online gaming,” Solomine said.

So how does it all work behind the scenes? The answer is one to one, U.S. dollar-backed stablecoins issued by BitBoss via the BSVBlockchain.

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