Cybersecurity & Bookie Software: Protecting Your Data

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Aaron Goldstein
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In this holiday edition of Power Master Class, we look at the importance of cybersecurity when using a Pay Per Head software solution.


As a bookie, the last thing you want for Christmas is ho ho holes in your cybersecurity.   One of your top goals is to protect your bookie software.

On the PPH side of things, the provider - in this case our friends at Power Pay Per Head - keeps your data safe by:

1. Operating offshore and out of reach of any prying eyes in the US.

"Why is that important?  Because nobody can bust in and bust down our servers."

2. Ensuring your data is encrypted at all times.

Power Pay Per Head answers the question a bookie may have regarding the location of a server.

"Well, you're thinking the server is so far away.  You know, is it slow, is the speed slow?  Not at all.  We have SERVERS all over the place that are mirrored and all of those are secure."

This is actually quite common in today's Web world in fact., for example, operates out of Miami Beach and San Diego, California, however, our servers are 2800 miles from South Florida and 1800 miles from Southern California in beautiful Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada.  They have been located here since 2004.  That's the central hub with servers spread across other regions.  If we were to keep a server in reach of the boss, he'd probably blow up the site.  Added layers of security are further provided by outside companies that specialize in monitoring.

As a bookie, there are critical rules to follow on your end as well.

Let's watch below.  As always, these bookie master classes do contain language not suitable for tiny ears or your mom...or your nosy neighbor for that matter.... so make sure they are out of range before blasting this video. 

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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