Colts Super Bowl 2022 Odds Improve With Wentz Trade

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C Costigan
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While going from no quarterback to Carson Wentz may not been seen as much of an upgrade in the eyes of some, the oddsmakers are giving the Colts slightly better championship chances following the trade with Philadelphia.


SportsBetting.com Colorado dropped the Colts' Super Bowl LVI odds from 25/1 to 20/1 with Wentz and Frank Reich reunited.

The Eagles saw their title odds jump from 50/1 to 70/1 now that Jalen Hurts is the unquestioned starter.

Indy's odds to capture the conference moved from 14/1 to 10/1 while Philly's NFC chances ballooned from 25/1 to 40/1.

Current Super Bowl odds from SportsBetting.com can be found here: 

Super Bowl LVI
Chiefs 9/2
Buccaneers 8/1
Packers 8/1
Bills 11/1
Ravens 11/1
Rams 14/1
49ers 14/1
Saints 15/1
Browns 18/1
Seahawks 20/1
Colts 20/1
Dolphins 25/1
Steelers 25/1
Cowboys 28/1
Titans 28/1
Chargers 33/1
Patriots 40/1
Cardinals 40/1
Raiders 50/1
Vikings 50/1
Panthers 50/1
Washington 60/1
Bears 66/1
Broncos 66/1
Falcons 66/1
Giants 66/1
Texans 66/1
Eagles 70/1
Jets 80/1
Bengals 100/1
Lions 125/1
Jaguars 125/1

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