Ayre: CoinGeek Digital Currency Conference to Make a Little History

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Jagajeet Chiba
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CoinGeek Live will be hosted in studios in New York and London and, for the first time, is designed for the online audience and is free to attend.  The virtual conference kicks off Wednesday September 30.

CoinGeek founder and international playboy Calvin Ayre commented ahead of the event: “I don’t think anybody on any platform has done what we’re attempting here. So this is kind of making a bit of history. If this event goes off like we think it will, I think we’ll be in fine spirits.” 

Ayre is pushing Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) with a focus on enterprise, including online gambling businesses.

CoinGeek Live is the latest of a series of conferences that Calvin says is “moving around and evolving.” This will be the sixth—the first having been in Hong Kong, back in May 2018, with later conferences in London, Seoul and Toronto. Each has been bigger than the last and they now cover a wide range of subjects including technology, consumer apps, enterprise solutions and finance. 

Calvin sees that diversity as leading to more changes ahead: “I see a future where we’re going to have smaller, more mobile multi-channel conferences and then larger ones which will have specialized channels. This might be the last of the large ones that has everything kind of mixed together.”

If there is a particular focus to the three days of this conference, it’s provided by its location in New York, with access to Wall Street: “We’re really going to be focusing this one at enterprise and finance because of the finance community in New York.”

Covid 19 sadly has put the kibosh on Ayre's world famous after parties, at least where this virtual conference is concerned.

“Even if it was possible to put one on, we just didn’t want to do it because there’s just too much stress around parties right now.”

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com 

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