Stress Test for Bitcoin Cash is Coming

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C Costigan
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A real world stress test is nearing for bitcoin cash with millions of transactions to be thrown its way in an effort to prove the digital currency can hold up to all the hype.  More importantly, enthusiasts are looking to demonstrate BCH resilience in the face of massive adoption and usage.  Even the haters are being invited to participate.

“The Bitcoin Cash Stress Test is a community driven stress test of the Bitcoin Cash network and its services,” reads the aptly named site, BCH Stress Test Day. “We aim to create millions of minimum fee transactions within a 24-hour period. Such volume of minimum fee transactions will prove to merchants and businesses worldwide, and also to ourselves, that the BCH main network is capable of scaling on chain and is capable of handling such volume of transactions today.”

From News:

Organizers are hoping to attract a great many participants in a number of areas. With the “most optimal way to participate will be to run a script that will flood the network with low fee transactions,” as “the most cost effective method, as funds will be recycled until they are exhausted on fees.”

September 1st, 2018, 12:00 UTC is when the stress test is set to take place, just ahead of a November upgrade.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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