5 Tips on Profiling Players as a Bookie

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Aaron Goldstein
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In today's Master Class we learn the five tips of profiling players as a bookie courtesy of our friends at Power Pay Per Head.


Welcome to the very best in the Pay Per Head industry. Their custom bookie software has been designed to meet all agent needs. Their multi year award winning software makes the players experience like no other. It’s never been easier to take action and profit.

The platform also allows one to determine the proper amount of credit to extend players through both human and computerized reporting.

As a bookie, you should have some immediate idea of what a player is bankrolling.

"Get an idea of what they are earning, where their expenses are going.  Do some research.  Average out how much they make."

If the player has a lot of debt, there's a strong likelihood he or she will be slow to pay back on a losing bet.

This master class also focuses on longevity.

"Slow and steady wins the race.  You want consistent, clean players."

In other words, you don't want deadbeats. 

Players love a local bookmaking business over the standard apps one might find in states where the activity is regulated.  These apps do not extend credit and they report your winnings and personal information.  For the local bookie, it's also about anonymity, and sports bettors love that.

Power Pay Per Head offers live in-play betting, an endless number of prop bets, competitive pricing, and - get this - a SIX MONTH FREE TRIAL PERIOD.

This video contains language not suitable for office or family setting or being around your nosy neighbor

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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