FunFair the Latest Blockchain-Oriented Project Geared Towards Online Gambling

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FunFair is the latest in a line of blockchain-oriented projects geared towards the online gambling sector. 

From the Merkle:

On paper, the online gaming and gambling industry has seen a lot of change in recent years. Especially with the shift to digital and online gaming and gambling, a lot of new opportunities have arisen. FunFair wants to make it easier for new entities to launch online casinos. In fact, FunFair wants anyone to be able to run their own casino moving forward, while offering unprecedented transparency and player protection.

More specifically, The Ethereum-based online casino platform FunFair aims to become a turnkey casino solution with a focus on decentralization.  It plans to utilize both blockchain technology and smart contracts to offer proper transparency.  The casino project offered a token launch last June.

“Unlike other companies, we have much more than a white paper and a dream for our token creation event,” said Jez San OBE, founder and CEO. “We’ve already developed real, playable casino games that prove our model works.” Our vision is a limitless universe of transparent, secure casinos that can be easily created by anyone, anywhere in the world.”

- Aaron Goldstein,

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