The NCAA Must Watch Game in Week 7: Georgia vs. LSU

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I know what you are thinking, this might have been the best matchup last week before LSU dropped from grace after losing to the Florida Gators. But, hear me out, up until last week, LSU was undefeated, so, I think it's a bit early to discard them altogether, and the Bulldogs are still undefeated and ranked #2. Oh, and let's not forget these two teams have not faced each other since 2013, so overall this should be an exciting and entertaining game.

SEC considers itself the conference in the college football, and it's hard to argue with that when you see how its teams have performed in the last several years. Therefore, that is just one more reason to watch this game. But, enough about that, let's talk about how this match can go down.

The loss against the Gators last Saturday, made the Tigers plunge 8 seats in the National Ranking, placing them in the number 13 spot, devastating for sure and now they desperately need a win at home. Can LSU easily crawl out of this hole they have dug for themselves? Doubtful, especially when you consider that both their quarterback and star running back have not been having the best of times in the last few games.

There is no question that whatever success LSU has had up until now it has been thanks to its defense, and there is some merit to the school of thought that defensive teams are more likely to win Championships; but, you can't consistently win games with just a strong defensive team, you need to be able to score.

Joe Burrow, LSU's QB has just six touchdowns in six games, and during last week's loss to Florida he had no touchdowns and two interceptions, if this continues to be so, the Tigers will find themselves in boiling water for sure.

On paper, Nick Brossette didn't look too shabby against the Gators, he ran for 95 yards during that game, however, when you break it down by plays, you will see that 79 of those yards were on one drive. This means that for the rest of the game he managed to accumulate 16 yards, ouch!

Based on their loss last week, they are considered 7-point dogs against Georgia by the expert oddsmakers at, the best pay per head site in the world. And, while that may sound like a fair if not generous line because we cannot overlook that the Bulldog's defense is ranked #2 in the FBS with just 13 points allowed per game, there is a reason behind it which we will discuss later.

Georgia is by far a much better team than LSU; the Bulldogs have both a strong defense and a strong offense, they have been averaging 42.8 points per game, their quarterback Jake Fromm has a 72.8% completion rate, and their two star running backs Elijah Holyfield and D'Andre Swift have a combined 722 yards on the ground and 7 touchdowns this season.

Bottom Line:

The generous line posted by Ace Per Head, that puts the LSU Tigers as 7-point dogs should attract sufficient interest from bettors to prevent agents from being over-exposed on this game. The fact that LSU has been a strong home team will lead many players to give them the benefit of the doubt, but, there is no doubt in my mind that the Georgia Bulldogs will continue with their undefeated record after week 7.

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