Sports Per Head Companies See Explosive Growth

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With the gambling industry constantly growing and increasing its revenues each year, there is a growing market for people that want to book action from their friends and family members.


Since a lot of these people do not know the first thing about book making and how lines are set for various sports this has created a huge industry called sports per head.† These sports per head companies provide a betting service for bookies that includes everything that you could possible need to be a successful bookie.

For starters there is a fully functional website, mobile site and even the ability for players to call in wagers if they are not able to place wagers them self over the internet.† In addition there are literally thousands of sports to bet on each and every day, and various betting options such as straights, parlays, teasers, reverses, if bets, round robins, live in play bets, halftimes, quarters, props, team totals and much more. All the lines are updated up to the second and the huge amount of betting options is there to create additional betting volumes for the players.† This is done because volume is the name of the game in betting because the more bets players make each day and each week then the more they are going to end up losing in the long term, since the vig or juice will continue to add up on them.

The Vig or juice is just basically the cost of making a wager. Typically the vig for most straight full game bets is -110.† So for example every $100 that a player bets they will actually have to pay $110 to win the $100.† The other way to look at this is that there is basically a 10% tax on every bet that is made.† This juice can also vary based on the type of bet such as a halftime bet, teaser, live bet and others. All this juice over time just makes it harder for the players to win over the long term because players basically need to win at least 65% of their picks to just break even. Anyone that has bet before can tell you that it is hard to even win 50% of your bets, which just means that is why it becomes very profitable to be a bookie instead of a bettor.

One of the best sports per head companies on the market currently is AcePerHead.com because they excel at customer service and actually have American English speaking representatives which makes it much easier for the North American bookies to understand and communicate with. This goes a long way because these guys are the professionals and have been doing this for 25 years and can easily advise bookies on various things to help them grow their book making business and give helpful tips that can tweak certain playerís profiles in order to increase profit margin returns for each player.

In addition,†Ace Per Headhas some of the best starting promotion packages in the industry that include choosing from up to 6 free weeks, to 50% off for the first 5 weeks, a free customized website or match bonus on an initial deposit using cryptocurrencies. So call now at 1-800-909-5193 so you can start making money as an agent on their sports per head platform.

Choosing the Best Per Head Service

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