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5 years 4 hours ago   Ronaldo Stars in Iranian Film
Needs to be fired. What a disgrace!
5 years 5 hours ago   Ronaldo Stars in Iranian Film
Ignorant mofos get your info correct .
5 years 5 hours ago   Ronaldo Stars in Iranian Film
Ignorant mofos get your info correct .
5 years 7 hours ago   Ronaldo Stars in Iranian Film
u r some idiots...put up the picture and the name of cristiano, and its actually old ronaldo hahaha stupid americans
5 years 8 hours ago   R.I.P. We Hardly Knew Ya
The Reports of My Death are Greatly Exaggerated – Mark Twain / ZookZ is coming back soon! Our New Releases page is active and we’ve added 391 movies and 16,785 songs in the past week. You can also once again search the ZookZ database and begin keeping track of content that will be available for download, once we return to 100% functionality. We are working tirelessly to bring back to full service. We thank everyone for your continued patience and support, so please continue to spread the word! Stay tuned for more great things to come. Marlie Hall Director of Corporate Communications ZookZ
5 years 9 hours ago   Ronaldo Stars in Iranian Film
Even the picture on Sports by Brooks shows the Brazilian Ronaldo... and you guys even mention him!!! "The 32-year-old Ronaldo, who is thriving with Corinthians in his comeback..." COME ON.. Then you write about CRISTIANO RONALDO, "Ronaldo was constantly booed by some fans on his Season debut playing the Shamrock Rovers whereby Real Madrid won 1-0" COME ON GUYS
5 years 9 hours ago   Shuler, Meeks Co-Sign Anti-Gambling Letter
so based on that logic no wagering on horses.. fyi what about those people that bet the nfl in vegas, online etc?
5 years 10 hours ago   Ronaldo Stars in Iranian Film
It is actually the brazilian Ronaldo that is starring in the film, not Cristiano Ronaldo!!!
5 years 12 hours ago   Obama Assassination Bet In Bad Taste: Odds Still Offered
WOW!!!! you are really stupid wait til you lose everything and you'll see!!!
5 years 12 hours ago   Obama Assassination Bet In Bad Taste: Odds Still Offered
5 years 23 hours ago   R.I.P. We Hardly Knew Ya
i love this site , and all the people should support this site why its better for us gambkers !!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 years 1 day ago   R.I.P. We Hardly Knew Ya
The website is back up. Our music and movie service is still unavailable but we are working to restore it. We encourage you to check or visit us on twitter @zookz or Facebook for continued updates. We appreciate all of your help improving our services. ZookZ has processed all customer refunds as of 07/21/09 so if you don't see the credit by 7/24/09 please contact us. If you have any questions about any files you downloaded from ZookZ please send us a detailed email to Marlie Hall Director of Corporate Communications ZookZ
5 years 1 day ago   How Successful Was Poker Players Alliance DC Meetup?
Everyone gambles...if countries like Malta has 10% of their revenues coming from online gambling, imagine what that would be in the US? And that's just could help revive the rather morose advertising sector and create a whole lof of jobs altogether. About time they realize it!
5 years 3 days ago   Phil Ivey Poison to Bookmakers
The entire premise of this article is pathetically and absurdly wrong. While it is true that bettors could wager that Phil Ivey would win the Main Event at 150-1 odds, the author of this article seems mathematically challenged, to say the least. A $100 wager on Ivey to win would pay out $15,000, rather than the ridiculous $150,000 payout amount claimed by the author. Go back to writing for the Pennysaver, Thomas Somach.
5 years 4 days ago   Full Tilt Poker Gets Pitified: Software Complaints Mount
I played at Full TIlt for months and months with no problem. A few weeks ago I downloaded the new software update and have been unable to open the software and log into my account since then. I have more than $300 in my account and at this point all I want to do is get into my account, take the money out and never play there again. I have sent 5 or 6 emails to them explaining this over and over...after each of my emails, at least 2 to 3 days later I get a reply explaining how to re-install the software. I've done this already and am not an idiot when it comes to simply is not working. I am never going to get my money apparently....they are a complete not play there.
5 years 4 days ago   Poker Players Alliance Lacks Standing to Defend Online Poker Rooms
I didn't realize Obama was president in 2006 when the president signed the Port Security Bill, which included the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. That's the reason these account freezes started and continue to happen.
5 years 4 days ago   Full Tilt Poker Gets Pitified: Software Complaints Mount
Full Tilt is a disgrace. A couple of weeks back they did a "software update", following which I was missing hole cards and flop cards - yeah, actually only being able to see one hole card, and either one or two cards on the flop!! First time it happened I was quite amused. Second, third etc to the point it was happening every couple of hands, I was f**king raging. Especially after folding to moderate raises as I could only see one hole card (K) and missing full houses etc. I sent them screenshots and explained the issues. They told me to "turn the sound off" - yeah, that's gonna help!! Eventually they sent me an email apologising for the "animation glitches which are now resolved". Sure enough, they are resolved. However I asked for refunds of the games I played (very low stake sit & gos) and they have not replied to any emails since then. They are a total disgrace. I've moved my entire BR to Pokerstars and will never play on Full Tilt again, even if they do ever refund the money they owe me. Wankers
5 years 5 days ago Not Authorized to Operate Out of Antigua
Zookz is as wrong on the law as the sky is blue. It's as if they have based their legal opinions on newspaper clippings. They should consult a trade lawyer who has actually brought cases before the WTO and knows the procedure. This idea has been ready to go for some time, by the people who brought the case in the first place. It's never been launched because Antigua has decided to delay implementation of the sanctions while they are actively involved in negotiations with the United States. Before Antigua can implement sanctions, they have to file a detailed plan with the WTO and it needs to be approved by the WTO. That applies to any WTO sanctions whether it is this first of its kind or traditional tariffs. Even if Antigua had been approved for this specific action, it doesn't give any company that throws up a site in Antigua the right to take advantage of it. Here's an analogy. If Country A is authorized to place tariffs on fruit from Country B, and it is all approved by the WTO, that doesn't give the right to any vendor in Country A to start charging that tariff. Country A would have to decide where the tariff would be collected, at the port or the point of sale. Country A would also determine where the proceeds of that tariff should be directed. It's supposed to benefit the originally affected parties. So now we have Zookz, a rogue operation that has absolutely no connection to the case, and no approval from the Antiguan Government, let alone the WTO. Knowing how the Federal Courts work, they would have a rough fight if they had approval, without the blessings of the Antiguan Goivernment and the WTO, they may as well turn themselves into Federal Prison today. They are also now under the microscope of the Antiguan Attorney General. It would not surprise me to see charges brought against them in Antigua if they do not cease and desist. But hey, I have been wrong before. If they want to take their chances with the Antiguan and American legal system with their lawyer and his opinion, that's their perogative.
5 years 6 days ago   Full Tilt Poker Gets Pitified: Software Complaints Mount
FULL TILT POKER IS A RIGGED, ENGINEERED, CROCK OF FIXED SHIT. I can't believe people are doing the real complaining how the hands are engineered for the most action and therefore the highest rake.
5 years 6 days ago   Carrie Stroup Will Play Strip Poker Online… But Has Her Limits
5 years 6 days ago   Obama Assassination Bet In Bad Taste: Odds Still Offered
I would be happy if he just resigned from office, packed his bags and left this country for good.
5 years 6 days ago   Obama Assassination Bet In Bad Taste: Odds Still Offered
No, Sir, it would be called PATRIOTISM.
5 years 6 days ago   Obama Assassination Bet In Bad Taste: Odds Still Offered
Well, we all know he isn't from here and his skin color and hair type are associative to people of Africa and the Middle East. To prove RACE or even GENDER isn't a factor with me, I would have for sure voted for Condi Rice over this idiot had she been on the ballot.
5 years 6 days ago   Carrie Stroup Will Play Strip Poker Online… But Has Her Limits
What in the heck is all this sex-negative nude-phobia crap going on here! These crazy pathetic sex-negative ignorant bitches, Carrie Stroup, Lisa Perry, and Anna Lexington, are a ridiculous farce and a complete joke. They are ideologically corrupt in a very shocking and incredible way, not only for refusing to strip naked when it comes to Strip Poker, which is uh...the WHOLE POINT to Strip Poker in the first place, but mainly for committing the atrocious crime of going for the lowest low by subscribing to the sickness and perversity of the Puritanical ideology and the disgraceful hate-infested Christian religious-right concept! Are these ignorant crazy bitches just absolutely sick in the head??? No woman in the right mind, especially when playing Strip Poker, EVER subscribes to the sick wrongfully perverse sex-negative ideologies of the Puritanical hate-infested propaganda! This Carrie Stroup sex-negative two-faced hypocritical bitch decides to play Strip Poker yet chooses to bow down in defeat to the goddamn abhorrent sick religious Puritanical scum! Carrie Stroup can shove her stupid moronic limitations on nudity up her ignorant ass! She either plays Strip Poker and strips naked ALL THE WAY, the way she's supposed to and the way she should, or she can simply go FUCK HERSELF and drown in the rotten Puritanical lakes of inexcusable misery and ignorance! The same goes to those other two bitches that won't do nudity for the same Puritancal scum low-life reason! You DO NOT put any limitations at all whatsoever to Strip Poker, and you DEFINITELY DO NOT EVER get into bed to sleep with the degenerate Christian religious-right when you run a Strip Poker organization, which begs the question, what in the heck is thinking to comply with Puritcanical ideologies!??? That's the problem! They're NOT thinking! They just allow their feeble minds to be tainted, abused, and brainwashed into the sick mentality of Puritanical nude-phobia, which has absolutely no value and no morality, whatsoever! They allow themselves to be tainted by this sick perverse Puritanical crap that should NEVER exist in the first place, and should never have any involvement at all in the business of Strip Poker or any other relative business! The whole purpose for Strip Poker is for the women to strip naked completely, ALL THE WAY, without exception!!! Without limitation!!! You don't bring any goddamn stupid Puritanical Christian crap into it! This is like organizing a rally or community fair to support the culture of the Native American Indians and then have the organization be run by Pilgrims! It's disgusting!! I have to blame, as well, for wrongfully complying with this sick degenerate Puritanical crap, and allow stupid ignorant crazy nude-phobic Puritanically brainwashed bitches, like Stroup, to have their way, to ruin devoted players' Strip Poker experience, and to waste their hard-earned money!!! should either undergo severe legal disciplinary action or be legally shut down for wrongfully and appallingly complying with the sickly corrupt Puritanical ideology! This article even calls it "Puritanical values"! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!! That's the whole point!!! They are NOT values!!! They are not values AT ALL, and they are so far from it!!! There is absolutely no value in sex-negative bigotry and senseless phobia towards female nudity, whatsoever, which is exactly what this sick perverse Puritanical and Christian ideology stands for!! Then management somehow is left "wondering" what article of clothing this crazy demented and devalued Puritan-victim bitch, Carrie Stroup, will remove without "undermining" her "moral values"??? Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!! Oh, please!! I am seriously LMFAO on this one!!!!! Who gives a flying crap about Stroup's stupid ignorant and moronic so-called moral values and her stupid pointless and highly unnecessary limitations!!??? If Stroup won't take her clothes off completely, all the way, then she can just simply go FUCK HERSELF, and the same to all those other two idiot broads who are so afraid of getting naked on camera! What's sick, rotten, corrupt, and the lowest of the low, is not so much that these idiot religious-tainted bitches won't get completely naked on camera. It's the sick appalling REASON behind why they won't get completely naked, and that sick appalling reason is their sick degenerate abhorrent Puritanical Christian ideological bigoted crap they so disturbingly subscribe to! Women getting completely naked all the way on camera or otherwise for Strip Poker or for any other reason is NEVER an undermining thing to anything at anytime or any place WHATSOEVER, and that Puritanically brainwashed bitch named Stroup has NO moral values, because there is absolutely no value to being succumbed to the sick ideologies of Puritanical sex-negative bigoted crap! Stroup's so-called "morals" are purely false morals, and they have no value whatsoever! There should be NO limitation on nudity, like all he rest of the REAL Strip Poker games out there practice, and to correct your wrongful vocabulary, the buck will NOT stop nowhere, Stroup, you crazy Puritan-infested freak! Take all your clothes off and get your stubborn Puritanically corrupt skinny blonde ass naked all the way completely or just get the fuck out, because we don't want to see your ugly Puritanically rotten face and skinny underweight body, you crazy nude-phobic bitch!! Nobody in the right mind is going to throw Strip Poker money away unless they know for sure that they have at least a chance to see women get fully naked ALL THE WAY in font of them. The only woman here who makes any real sense and the only woman here who really is in the right mind is Jenny Woo, and I praise her for standing up for full-on female nudity and expressing the obvious fact that it is completely natural and there is nothing wrong with it, something that clearly in today's day in age should NEVER be even slightly doubted or given any thought!!! The obvious ancient fact that nudity and sexuality are completely natural and nothing wrong with it is something that is just beyond out of the question, and there shouldn't be even a mere discussion about it in the first place! What the heck do you think we're living in, the fucking Middle Ages??? Wake up!!! Take those sick perverse sex-negative hate-infested bigoted Puritanical ideologies, that have NO VALUE and NO morality, completely out of your heads and burn them all in a furnace! This is for your own good!!! To Carrie Stroup, Lisa Perry, and Anna Lexington, shove your demented sick Puritanical Christian-infested ignorant mentality crap up your asses, and take your clothes off completely and all the way, ladies, like you are supposed to and like you should!!!
5 years 6 days ago Not Authorized to Operate Out of Antigua
Update at 5:02 p.m. William Pepper, Zookz' counsel, rejected the Antiguan government's interpretation of the WTO's ruling. Here's his statement: This is very simple: In December of 2007, the Appellate Body of the WTO confirmed the award of $21,000,000 annually to Antigua. This award imposes sanctions that allow the nullification of the TRIPS obligations for Antigua. The Antiguan government is not a trading entity in the businesses concerned, it is the sovereign representative of companies that trade and provide revenues to the State. Therefore, the only way the Government of Antigua can derive any benefits from this award is through the trading done by companies in Antigua. ZookZ is the property of Carib Media Ltd. a company registered and conducting business in the State of Antigua and Barbuda, West Indies. Therefore there is nothing that requires ZookZ to seek authorization from the WTO or the Government of Antigua to transact its business. As far as ZookZ is concerned, all WTO formalities in regard to the award have been satisfied.