7 Reasons Why You Should Use Bookie Software to Run Your Sportsbook

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Aaron Goldstein
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Today it’s possible to run a world-class sportsbook even if you’re a one-man-show. You can actually rival most online sportsbooks by using bookie software to run every aspect of your operation.

From tracking thousands of players to processing multiple thousands of bets everything is easily managed in one place. In fact, if you’re not using bookie software in your sportsbook then you may be leaving a ton of money on the table.

If you’re thinking of making the move to use a software solution for your business, here are 7 reasons you should.

1. Lower cost of operation

By centralizing and managing your sportsbook with a software solution, you can save thousands of dollars in operational costs as well as countless of hours of time on tasks that can be automatically completed within seconds.

Sportsbooks have gross margins that are around 5% less the vig so lowering your costs of operation is one way to increasing your profits even further.

2.Quicker Setup and Deployment

Bookie software applications are configured so all you have to do to be in business is import your players and make a few settings adjustments. This minimizes common delays that come from often lengthy and expensive traditional ways of creating a sportsbook.

Software providers such as PricePerPlayer.com give you all the tools you need to run a world class sportsbook, and they include other tools such as a private website, customer service and a call center to handle the day-to-day aspects of bookmaking.

You can easily deploy your software by giving your customers an account to access your online website to place their bets. All player tracking, line adjustments, games management and grading of bets are handled by the software.

3. Pay As You Go

The use of bookie software gives you the benefit of predictable costs when you subscribe and for the ongoing administration. Even when you scale, you can have a clear picture of what your costs will be.

The costs are tied to the number of players that take action each week, which means that you will only pay for your customers that play.

These “pay per head” costs are typically much lower than arrangements where you are getting access to software from a third party provider such as a sportsbook that are usually based on high-cost sharing of profits.

4. Your bookie software vendor is responsible for upgrades, uptime, and security

Since the software is hosted by the vendor, you have no worries over its maintenance and upgrades, thus ensuring its reliability and stability.

This is the same type of software used in larger online sportsbooks which means it can handle large volumes of transactions and is scalable.


Your sportsbook’s administration is centralized in one place which gives you enormous flexibility to focus on other important activities like getting more customers.

But, flexibility when it comes to bookie software also means it works on any platform or device. It works on all smartphones, tablets, PCs and whatever devices your customers use. It runs anywhere.

Flexible bookie software doesn’t hold you back from growing your business as it’ll adapt to your needs. It also creates new opportunities because you’re not limited to doing things by hand which is inefficient and time-consuming at best and can lead to other problems. 

6. Integration

Bookie software integrates and works well with other services or software, such as casino and horse booking software, which can ultimately improve your sportsbook by adding new features and capabilities and other revenue streams.

7. Work anywhere

Since the software is accessible over the internet, you can access it via whatever device you choose wherever you are connected. This includes checking your player’s history and action with real-time data and real-time reports.

Since the Supreme Court’s ruling that declared the federal gambling ban on States unconstitutional, the bookie market continues to grow quickly. In fact, sports betting is a $67 billion dollar a year industry that can be a profitable business for local bookies that know how to leverage technology and software to reap the rewards.

As you can see, the advantages of using software can catapult your sportsbook into another bracket and can help you compete on a level playing field with much bigger companies. Call us for your no-commitment quote today at 1-888-774-2238 and get your FREE 14-Day Trial!

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