Obama First Puppy Name Odds Still Offered

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What will the Obama's name their first puppy?


That is the favorite as posted by the fine folks at Paddy Power, who may have been slamming down those Guinesses once again.  The idea that the Obama's would name their puppy after George W. Bush seems sort of off the wall if you ask us.  Then again, maybe they are thinking in terms of our first President, George Washington.  After all, Washington is listed with 10-1 odds.  To make things stranger, Denzel is given 12-1 odds.

George would pay US$8 for every US$1 bet if that is the name given.

Gambling911.com believes the President Elect and his family will name their first puppy "Hope".    Paddy is not offering odds on "Hope" however.  They do have "Change" with odds of 25-1. 

How about Hillary?  Paddy Power is giving Hillary 66-1 odds.  Bill is given 33-1 odds though.    Kennedy had 25-1 odds.  Lincoln had 20-1 odds.

How important is getting a puppy? 

Well, aside from the fact that Obama promised his two young daughters a new dog in front of an audience of millions worldwide, Jessica Meyers of the Dallas News points out that Virtually every president after Chester Arthur has leashed - or unleashed - some animal in the White House, from Calvin Coolidge's roaming raccoons to Zsa Zsa the rabbit during John F. Kennedy's tenure.

"It makes them an all-American family," said Claire McLean, founder of the privately funded Presidential Pet Museum in Williamsburg, Va., a repository of information and artifacts on presidents and their four-footed friends. "So many people in America have a pet. He becomes an everyday guy."

Malia Obama is allergic so only specific breeds can be sought after.

The President-Elect is under great pressure to bring a shelter dog to the White House but Obama explained that "most shelter dogs are mutts like me" and, hence, can contribute to Malia's allergies. 

Payton O'Brien, Gambling911.com Senior Editor

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