Poker Maximus IV – Day 7 Recap

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Matt Skinner
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Poker Maximus IV – Day 7 Recap

Carbon Poker’s Poker Maximus IV tournament series continued on through Wednesday as three more very good poker players finished the day with a tournament title in hands and big pay days in their pockets. Two of the three tournaments were of the No Limit Hold’em variety well the third was the more traditional fixed limit Hold’em. Here’s how the three winners capped off their success:

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Event #21: $45,000 Guaranteed NLH – ($100+9 buy-in)

After 525 players signed up for Event #21, that number of $45K in guaranteed prize money was raised up to over $52,000. It took over 10 hours to crown a champion but with over $11K on the line for 1st place, Franklin7773 didn’t mind the marathon session because his bankroll got a significant boost.

After a flop of 9s,As,4h came down, Franklin7773 was looking good with his top pair (Ad,Jc) and had to be a bit surprised to see a check-raise from his opponent. But tuffghost99 was holding an ace himself (Ah,5s) and wanted to know where he stood. The turn card was the Qc and it was here that tuffghost99 led out only to be shoved over the top by Franklin7773. Tuffghost99 was pot committed by this point and had to make the call. The 3d on the river was no help to him though as Franklin7773’s Aces – Jack kicker held up as the best hand. Congrats to Franklin7773 on winning Event #21.

1 Franklin7773 $11182.50; 2 tuffghost99 $7612.50; 3 boigyyyy $5118.75; 4 WinningSince83 $3675.00; 5 420smoke $3150.00; 6 HennesyX6 $2625.00; 7 PokerHermit62 $2100.00; 8 PuffnBluntzNBluffn $1575.00; 9 artvandalA $1050.00

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Event #22: $10,000 Guaranteed NLH Limit Hold’em – ($55+5 buy-in)

The second Limit Hold’em event of PM IV saw 185 players attempt to win the $2800 1st place prize. Limit Hold’em tournaments can take a while to get through as there are no “all-in” bets at any stage, but in only six hours we had a winner. It came down to russlecarsonoma and CashIsKiing as the final two and on the final hand CashIsKiing really needed to make something happen since he was on the short stack.

Most of the damage had been done prior to the final hand as CashIsKiing was holding under 30K in chips and the blinds were at 6k/12k. With 7h,8d in his hand, CashIsKiing decided to make a stand with this hand and called russlecarsonoma’s pre-flop raise and hoped for the best. When the board came down 9h,2c,Ac,Jd,Ad, CashIsKiing found no help to his hand and it was russlecarsonoma’s Qs,2s that won the pot with a pair of 2’s. Congrats to russlecarsonoma on winning Event #22.

Final table results and prizes:

1 russlecarsonoma $2818.48; 2 CashIsKiing $1831.51; 3 epokerounder $1221.01; 4 cowboygotOIIIII $814.01; 5 jOkEsTyLeS $651.20; 6 bazookadinosaur $508.75; 7 BeWater $407.00; 8 zackbaker $325.60; 9 KGBVasiliy99 $254.37

Event #23: $25,000 Guaranteed 1 rebuy/1 add-on – ($30+3 buy-in)

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Event #23 saw the final prize pool jump to over $32K after the rebuy and add-on period was over, meaning the winner would take home a little over $6800 for their efforts. S0undSystem and gonefishin1212 didn’t mind that extra prize boost one bit as they were the last two left standing in this event and staged a great heads-up battle.

On the final hand both players were dealt an Ace in their hand and it was S0undSystem (Ah,9c) who was first to act. Sitting on the short stack, he decided to shove and saw the bad news when gonefishin1212 called and flipped over Ad,Th. A flop of 8h,Qh,Js gave both players outs to hit a monster but it was still gonefishin1212 who was in the driver’s seat. A 2c on the turn helped no one and although he didn’t need it, the Ks fell on the river, giving gonefishin1212 an Ace-high straight and the tournament win.

Final table results:

1 gonefishin1212 $6856.48; 2 S0undSystem $4667.56; 3 Erniukas1988 $3138.53; 4 NittyByNature21 $2253.31; 5 rproc1 $1931.41; 6 SlickmoneyC $1609.51; 7 DOGINIT $1287.61; 8 JohnFR1 $965.71; 9 JinxyCatt $643.81

Thursday’s events on the PM IV schedule feature a $200 buy-in HORSE event that will see plenty of great Carbon Poker players hit the virtual felt. On both ends of this event are two NL Hold’em events with one being another rebuy event and the other being a deep-stack, $10 buy-in event. There will be $70K in guaranteed prize money on the table and as we have seen in recent days that number will surely increase. Make sure you don’t miss out on your share by signing up for these events now.

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- Matt Skinner,


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