Jagajeet Chiba: Negreanu Poker Website Needs to be Boycotted

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(Jagajeet Chiba’s opinion does not necessarily reflect that of Gambling911.com nor its Management)

Shocked and dismayed.  These are the only words I have to describe feeling after reading the vicious attack by poker pro Daniel Negreanu on Annie Duke. 

“A Bitch”, maybe.  I’m sure Annie sees herself in that mode from time to time.

Actually there is some honor in being referred to as a “Bitch”.  The definition has expanded to include “someone who is difficult and overbearing”.  It is sometimes applied to a woman who is having her period, and Annie may have her fair share of those.  Who knows?

It may not be the most flattering of terms, but I’m sure Annie wouldn’t be as offended as she was Thursday when learning that Negreanu had called this woman – who has worked tirelessly at aiding the displaced in Darfur – a “f***ing c***”.

I don’t think there is anything worse you can call a woman….or a human being for that matter.

Anybody who defends Daniel for those remarks (and they were not taken out of context), should be ashamed of themselves.

I for one am calling for a boycott of Negreanu’s Full Contact.com poker site, at least until he offers an apology.  He should in the next 24 hours if he is a real man.

This is not the first time Gambling911.com has reported on Negreanu’s insensitive remarks.

Who can forget when Kid Poker stumbled about trying to defend comments about African Americans?

He once wrote:

"I was watching BET when a random thought dawned on me-how in the world did they ever get away with naming a network the Black Entertainment Network? Now, the channel caters to blacks and features black entertainers. Nothing wrong with a channel targeting a certain demographic, but is it really OK to just call it Black Entertainment Television? I watch it, I hope that's not a problem or anything.

"The thought came to me, because I wondered-what would happen if a guy from Alabama tried to create a channel and call it the White Entertainment Television network. My guess is that people would go absolutely ballistic. What is that supposed to mean anyway? A network with white entertainers catered towards white people? I just don't think that would be acceptable in the least. So why then is BET considered OK?

Hey Daniel, listen up, Black folks need to establish an identity.  It was the White man who stole theirs for a good 200 years in case you forgot.  So no it’s not all right for White people to start their own network.  As an Indian, I know what it is like to be enslaved during British rule.  We recently renamed much of our cities to erase 90 years of being under the British tyrannical clutches. 

As for the “C” word that Daniel chooses to use without much thought, it is a derogatory term for a woman. 

As Annie rightfully pointed out on her Twitter page today, she considers Negreanu’s remarks “abusive”. And she would be correct.

Negreanu’s remarks are outrageous to say the least but we anticipate him trying to defend this comment since his ego is bigger than the poker industry itself.

This reporter is outraged and so should everyone else in the poker community be.

Maybe he will apologize.  I’m not holding my breath.

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Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com 

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