Fabián Ortiz Wins LAPT7 Panama

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Fabián Ortiz Wins LAPT7 Panama

The third stop, of the Seventh Season of the Latin American Poker Tour in Panama, has come to an end with a new favorable and double victory for Argentina and Fabián Ortiz. 550 players paid USD $ 1,700 to enter another stage of the regional tournament sponsored by PokerStars.net. Together they managed to make a prize pool of USD $ 826,925 to be distributed among the first 79 players. But it was Fabián Ortiz who took all the glory of the LAPT title again.

The Argentinian lift the trophy again, this time in Panama, a stop that sits well for the southern ones, as Leo Fernandez, a member of Team PokerStars Pro, imposed his game the first time the tour came to this country. Ortiz would enjoy raising a trophy again. But it was not easy again like the first crowned.

The day before, the Final table lasted for several hours to come to the last 8 players. This caused an increase of the blinds that this Sunday would bring consequences, as many players were below average and with very few big blinds to cope with the "rich players" of the table.

It only took three hours to see Fabian lift the trophy. With three Mexican players, there was a strong predicted for a first title for the northern country, but fate would not play positively for them. This is how they reached the Final table:

‪1. Fabian Ortiz (Argentina) - 2,060,000

‪2. Hugo Suarez (Mexico) - 1,940,000 3 Nick Russo (Australia) -. 1,915,000

‪3. Javier Rios (Colombia) - 1,730,000

‪4. Guillermo Olvera (Mexico) - 1,035,000

‪5. Alexander Haber (Jamaica) - 905,000

‪6. Hugo Lemaire (Malta) -. 755,000

‪7. Antonio Loaf (Mexico) - 495,000


Four eliminations during the first level of the day, gave an idea of how short the day would be. One by one the first 6 players fell down until Mexican Olvera and Ortiz came to face to face. Olvera was throughout the tournament among the chip leaders from the starting of day one, in fact he ended as chip leader on his first day of play. But Olvera didn’t arrive in a comfortable position to face the Argentine. Olvera was not an easy prey to the Argentinian businessman, several times nearly elimination. When he came close in chips with the champion, they managed to make a deal that "loosened" the game a bit more.

Olvera doubled-up on four occasions before the decisive hand that gave the championship to Fabian. An Ace and seven for Olvera and a King and 7, when the board showed 7 was when they decided to put their chips in the middle and played for the tournament. A king in the "turn" gave Ortiz another championship, something only he and Nacho Barbero can boast. Ortiz returned to write an epic story in an LAPT, returning from behind in chips, reach the final table as leader, and get crown, almost like the first time when with only one Ante in the Final table he managed to be the first Latin American winner of the LAPT.

LAPT7 Panama Main Event Final table results 
Entrants: 550 
Prize pool: $826,925 
Places paid: 79

‪1. Fabián Ortiz (Argentina) -- $143,930*

‪2. Guillermo Olvera (Mexico) -- $114,115*

‪3. Alexander Haber (Jamaica) -- $71,280

‪4. Nick Russo (Australia) -- $55,560 5. Hugo Suarez (Mexico) -- $43,580 6. Javier Rios (Colombia) -- $34,240

‪5. Antonio Hogaza (Mexico) -- $25,560 8. Hugo Lemaire (Malta) -- $17,700 *= reflects the results of a two-way deal that left $15,000 in play for the winner

The next stop of the Seventh Season of the Latin American Poker Tour will be held at the Atlantic City Casino in Peru, in October. The qualifying satellites are available at PokerStars.

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