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America’s Card Room Provides New Online Poker Site for US Players

America’s Card Room

Representatives from the Yatahay Online Poker Network announced today the re-launch of America’s Card Room on their poker network.  America’s Card Room was previously one of the premiere poker websites when it launched in May of 2001. It has now re-launched its website and opened its doors to players in the US.

“We’re very excited about the addition of this trusted brand,” said a Yatahay spokesman.  “America’s Card Room was one of the original reputable online poker websites and we’re proud to have it be part of our network.  It’s one of the few card rooms that offers online poker to players in the US in a safe and secure environment.”

America’s Card Room is the latest skin to join the rapidly expanding Yatahay network since its major software upgrade in May of this year. The upgrade allowed for better multi-tabling options, higher guaranteed tournaments, and a wider variety of promotions.

America’s Card Room has also signed on as an official sponsor of the $500,000 Guaranteed Punta Cana Poker Classic, which will be covering live.  It is now running satellites to the land based Texas Holdem event that takes place in the November in the Dominican Republic.

About America’s Card Room

America’s Card Room joined the Yatahay Network in 2011.   The Yatahay network has one of the longest and trusted online names in the industry and has been in existence since 2002. America’s Card Room accepts players from the US market and the rest of the world and is proud to offer outstanding customer service and a friendly environment for all poker players.



True story - I played a hand against another "player" I had Ace/Three he had five/six the flop was Ace, ten, seven - I bet he called turn was a three I improve from a pair of aces to aces up - I bet he raised I called , river was a four giving "him" a six-high straight !!!! he called on the flop with six high no draw at all then he got an inside straight draw on the turn and hit the straight on the river !!!!!! why would someone call on the flop with six high no draw ?????? could it be because he knew he was going to get runner runner for a straight because he's rigging the game ????? if you can tell me why someone would just call not raise on the flop because he thinks I'm bluffing I'd love to hear it :-) was he planning on stealing the pot on the river ? or was he thinking "come on running cards" I can't help but think he's a computer hacker who's cheating !!!!! the way the betting went I couldn't possibly put him on six/seven and the hacker/cheater knew that !!!!!!
I meant five/six in last sentence :-)
Site may be legit but I thought its illegal for any online poker website to operate in the US? New legislation hasn't been passed. Is this accurate?
It's free so what do you have to lose?
How do I trust I will get paid out?
I had a few questions to ask before i made my first deposit, and the person I dealt with "Caroline" was extremely helpful, yes it will take time to get used to as far as payouts. There are no eft ( electronic funds transfers ) offered, but you can get a bank draft sent snail mail. I personally prefer just the NLHE games myself. There are knockout games offered as well. Just give it a try, it will only take you 10 minutes tops to get your questions answered. Scott
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i do not believe this site to be legit, the cold deck set ups are sick to the point u can not get away from the hand, the 2 and 3 outters on the river happen 70% of the time. may be im just a bad player. please check nit out and let me know what you think. e-mail me at and tell me what a person can do, is there leagle action i can take, how can a person check to see if it is being fair??????????????????
You are 1000% correct. When I first started playing on the site the games seemed fair and reasonable outcomes. However, at the beginning of July something changed. So many hands that went to the river wound up with 1 or 2 outers occurring with too much frequency to be legit. If these hands happened in casinos NO ONE WOULD EVER PLAY POKER. The number of rag hands that I was dealt in relation to playable hands was insane. And then when a playable hand occurred the opponent would always suck out. I would stay far away from this site. While I am no expert...the hands dealt on the site are NOT RANDOM BY A LONGSHOT. When I wrote to state my concerns I NEVER RECEIVED AN ANSWER. They will not get ANOTHER CENT OF MY CASH....iT'S YOUR MONEY...BUT PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK.....
I also had a rough first 2 days while playing on the site, but nothing I haven't had happen in live poker. After the first two days I won back all that I lost, and now I'm ahead. Just keep playing your game.
Ask anyone in the industry who is behind this site and they will tell you your money is about as safe as it would be sitting with MGM and maybe safer than in some banks.  But don't take our word for it, ask those who have been part of this industry a long time.  The software has vastly improved over the past year but I can assure you nobody in this company is trying to deliberately cheat you.
Really then you need to get your Bots off the site, I habe TommyBoy looking into this for me, Horseboy6 100% is a bot and If I find this to be true then no one should play at this room ever. I already know mwhat his findings are going to be.
this site is a joke dnt waist your time!!!!!
There are many other games. You simply need to use the filters. The default setting is for the most popular, No Limit Texas Hold'Em.