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What are some of the hottest headlines in the world of poker? Here you will find all the latest juicy stories along with other important news and tournament results. A must read for the poker enthusiast with articles published throughout the day.

Was Bin Ladin Assassination Tied to Online Poker Clampdown?

Bin Ladin Online Poker Connection
The poker community is buzzing over a rumor that the recent assassination of al-queda leader Osama Bin-Laden came as a result of an April 15 crackdown on three of the largest online poker rooms. 

England’s Rupert Elder Wins EPT San Remo Final for €930,000

British pro Rupert Elder has won EPT7 San Remo for a giant first prize of €930,000 after besting a gripping and star-studded final table.

Pro Poker League Selects First Players

Pro Poker League
The professional poker league hoping to become the world's PGA for card players has determined criteria for its invitations and picked more than 200 people to compete in its first tournaments.

DoJ Oversight Hearing: Holder Doesn’t Know if Poker is Game of Skill

DoJ Oversight Hearing Poker Eric Holder
The House Judiciary Committee held a Department of Justice oversight hearing Tuesday morning with a short question related to whether poker is a game of skill or chance.

Online Poker Prodigy Jose Girah Macedo Wins the Bluff Pro Challenge

Jose Girah Macedo
Lock Online Poker is excited to announce that their new LockPRO ELITE team member. Jose "Girah" Macedo has taken the number one spot in the Bluff Pro Challenge! Loses More Than Three Quarters of Its Online Poker Traffic
It’s been a hard fall for and Absolute Poker as the network has lost more than three quarters of its online poker traffic post-indictments.

Tatjana Pasalic Becomes Part of Team Bodog

Tatjana Pasalic Bodog
Voted the sexiest in poker by readers, Tatjana Pasalic has just signed on with Bodog Poker.

2011 EPT San Remo Final Table

2011 EPT San Remo Final Table
The 2011 EPT San Remo final table is set with 5 different countries represented.  Four players come to us from Italy.

Online Poker Site Introduces WebCam Poker

WebCam Poker
By introducing WebCam Poker, is gearing up to forever remove the drawback of not being able to see  the players you’re up against.

Face of Absolute Poker Serinda Swan to Star in Upcoming Film

Serinda Swan
While all the talk around Absolute Poker in recent days has revolved around the US Justice Department indictment of the company on April 15, one of its personalities is slated to appear in the upcoming film The Baytown Disco.

High Stakes Online Poker Biggest Losers in April

High Stakes Online Poker Biggest Losers in April
We already noted who the biggest high stakes online poker players of April were – Patrik Antonius and Jens Kyllönen.

Finland’s Patrik Antonius and Jens Kyllönen biggest online poker winners in April

Patrik Antonius
Patrik Antonius and Jens Kyllönen were high stakes online poker's biggest winners during the month of April

Expect 2011 WSOP Main Event Numbers to Fall

2011 WSOP Main Event
The World Series of Poker begins later this month, and it couldn't come at a worse time.

Celebrity Apprentice Finalist Annie Duke Trashes Donald Trump

Annie Duke Donald Trump
Second season Celebrity Apprentice finalist Annie Duke, who lost out to comedian Joan Rivers, expressed her disgust with Donald Trump

2009 WSOP Main Event Winner Joe Cada 5th Place at EPT San Remo

Joe Cada EPT San Remo
Joe Cada continues to play strong at this year’s PokerStars sponsored EPT San Remo where he finishes Day 5 in 5th place among the chip leaders.

EPT San Remo 2011 – Day 3 Chip Counts and Joe Cada Still Strong

EPT San Remo 2011
The EPT San Remo 2011 Day 3 chip counts are in with 60 out of 987 players remaining at the sponsored event.

Full Tilt Poker Payouts to Begin Next Week

Full Tilt Poker Payouts
According to the popular podcast website, Full Tilt Poker is to begin making payouts to US customer beginning some time next week.

2011 iGaming Supershow: Pulls Out

2011 iGaming Supershow has learned that will not be sending representatives to the 2011 iGaming Supershow, an online gambling conference to be held in Dublin, Ireland May 24th-26th.

Loving Lock Poker: Jenny Speak to Another Bluff/Lock Challenger

Lock Poker:
The Bluff Poker Challenge, sponsored by Lock Poker, allowed online poker players to win a seat at this year’s World Series of Poker by simply becoming the most profitable player on the site.

Dateline NBC Could be in Process of Covering Poker Killer Ernie Scherer III

Ernie Scherer III
Sentenced for the brutal murder of both his parents, it now appears that Dateline NBC is in the very early planning stages of covering the story of Ernie Scherer III.

DOJ Oversight Committee May 3: Online Poker Indictments to be Addressed

DOJ Oversight Hearing
There will be a DOJ Oversight Committee Hearing May 3 where the PPA will pose questions about crackdown on PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and

Merge Poker Shoots Up Into Top 10 But With One Important Caveat

Merge Poker
After the April 15 indictments of the three largest US-facing online poker rooms on charges of money laundering and bank fraud, one of the biggest beneficiaries appears to be Merge Poker.

Senator Jon Kyl May Support Legalized Online Poker?

Senator Jon Kyl Online Poker
The very man who co-authored legislation prohibiting most forms of Internet gambling, outgoing Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl, may consider a measure that would exempt online poker.

World Poker Tour Seminole Hard Rock Demonstrates Impact of Poker on Economy

World Poker Tour Seminole Hard Rock
Indictments handed down against three of the world’s largest online poker rooms in the US on April 15 has nearly crippled the industry.

Online Poker Promotions for May 2011

Online Poker Promotions for May 2011
Cake Poker has released its online poker promotions for May 2011. 
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