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Online Poker Addictive, More Dangerous to College Students

online poker
Addiction specialist says “good riddance” to online poker

How Dumb are Poker Players?

How Dumb are Poker Players?
Just how dumb is your average poker player? has the answer you've all been waiting for.

Doyle Brunson Abrupt Exit from DoylesRoom Like Ronald McDonald Leaving McDonalds

Doyle Brunson
One member of the popular poker posting forum drew comparisons to Doyle Brunson’s abrupt departure from the online poker room that bears his name.

Absolute Poker Head of Customer Service Arrested Earlier This Week

Absolute Poker
Olman Rimola, former head of Absolute Poker /’s customer service arm Innovative Data Solutions, was arrested earlier this week in Costa Rica following a raid on that company’s office the prior week.

Doyle Brunson Leaves (a Exclusive)

Doyle Brunson Leaves
The legendary poker pro and dear friend of this website, Doyle Brunson, has left, can report exclusively.

The Absolute Poker Bill Collector Comes a Knockin’ as Players Wait Payments

Absolute Poker
While Absolute Poker is now going on a month without paying players following an April 15, 2011 indictment, it seems the company is actually demanding that players pay them.

PokerStars Returns More Than $100 Million to Players

PokerStars has returned more than $100 million to players from its past US-facing operations and continues to service requests following the Company’s agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice

New York Prosecutors Confirm Deal with, Absolute Poker

Prosecutors in New York City have confirmed that a deal reached with an online poker company will enable players in the United States to recover their money after the games were interrupted by a criminal prosecution.

World Series of Poker Worried Pros Can’t Afford Entry Fee Post-Indictments

World Series of Poker
Following the indictments of the three largest online poker rooms in the US on April 15, World Series of Poker organizers are worried that pros will be unable to pay the $1,000 to $50,000 buy-ins.

Bill Rini: Poker Players Alliance Inept When it Comes to Those Things that Matter Most

Poker Players Alliance
Poker expert Bill Rini discussed on his blog this week the shortcomings of the Poker Players Alliance.

Federated Sports + Gaming Names Michael Craig to Head up Website

Federated Sports + Gaming
Federated Sports and Gaming (FS+G) today announced that Michael Craig has been hired as executive editor of the website supporting the new professional poker league.

EPT Madrid 2011 Final Table: Grand Final

EPT Madrid 2011 Final Table:  Grand Final
The EPT Madrid 2011 final table has been determined with two players from the USA represented.

Full Tilt Poker: The F***ing Titanic in the Middle of the Ocean

Full Tilt Poker:
Full Tilt representatives have gone as far as to call in to the podcast during the shows and ordering their “paid shills” to be quiet.

Doyle Gets Facelift: Upgrades DoylesRoom Software

Doyle Facelife: Software Upgrade for
Doyle Brunson has needed a facelift for quite some time, but we haven't had the heart to tell him.

Casino Execs to Make Pitch for Legalized Online Poker

With millions of people already playing online poker for money, the casino industry is urging Congress to step in and regulate the wagering.

World Series of Poker Streaming 55 Live Final Table Events

World Series of Poker Streaming 55 Live Final Table Events
The World Series of Poker has just made the decision to stream 55 (almost) live final table events via the Internet at a 5-minute delay.

A Science Behind Poker Being a Game of Skill: Some Freakonomics

Poker Game of Skill
Is poker a game of skill or chance?

Absolute Poker, Issue Revised Statement Tuesday Night

Absolute Poker, including the UB (formerly Ultimate Bet) brand, hereafter “Absolute Poker,” issued the following new version of its earlier statement today

Online Poker Player Refunds Likely to be $100 Million to $500 Million

Online Poker Player Refunds
John Pappas, the head of the Poker Players Alliance, estimates that some $100 million to $500 million could be owed to online poker players from the big three rooms

2011 EPT Madrid Main Event Chip Leaders – Day 3

2011 EPT Main Event
The 2011 EPT Madrid Main Event chip leaders after Day 3 had an American atop the board with 23740000 chips.

PokerStars US Affiliates Screwed

PokerStars US Affiliates Screwed
US affiliates of the world’s largest online poker company Pokerstars claim the company will not pay for two months prior to indictments. 

Merge Poker US Players Up More Than 70 Percent

Merge Poker
Merge Poker traffic up 77 percent since April 15

Poker is Key in “Justice for Natalee Holloway” TV Movie

Justice for Natalee Holloway
A new TV movie about the Natalee Holloway case doesn't wait long to feature gambling--the second scene of the film takes place in a South American casino.

European Poker Tour Grand Final 2011 – Day 2 Chip Leaders

European Poker Tour Grand Final 2011
The European Poker Tour Grand Final 2011 chip leaders included 6 players in the top 10 (chip counts) who were not even from Europe.

Joe Sebok Talks After Parting Ways With Online Poker Room

Joe Sebok
I apologize to those of you who have reached out to me recently regarding UB post Black Friday as I have been unable to comment on things.
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